Keyword Research Guide: Exploring the Market

In the previous articles we looked at ways to choose your niche and products to promote. Now we want to learn the lay of the land. As a side note, there is no real set order to do take these steps in. Just remember you do need to take them. Research, even if it is boring at times, is one of the corner stones of good marketing. If you ignore it you’ll be out in the wilderness with out a map so to speak.

Ok now what we need to do is gather up a list of around 3-5000 keywords for out current niche. I know it sounds like alot but once you get the system down its not that hard. There is software available for to speed this process up but for now I’m going to go through the free ways to find our keywords.

Go to

In order to get the most out of this free tool its best to sign up for a free Adwords account. You’ll be able to get 800 keywords at a time after you’ve signed in.

Next I want you to think up 4 or 5 main keyphrases that define your niche. These will act as our “seed” keywords that we’ll use to map out the related search terms. For example in the diet/weight loss niche we might have the seed keywords “fat loss”, “lose weight”, “get slim”,”lose pounds”, “slim down fast” etc.

Now make sure you uncheck the Location filter so that it says “Location: All”. You’re also going to want to unchecked the broad box under match types and check the box that marked “Phrase”.

This will ensure that the search amounts displayed are the most accurate.

Ok so paste in one of your seed keywords. Then select all the check boxes and export the results into a spreadsheet. Go ahead and do that for each of your seed keywords. You can put them into separate worksheets or merge them all into one sheet it doesn’t matter too much.

Next we need to sort the spreadsheet data by Global Monthly searches. After doing this you’ll be able to gauge where the peaks and troughs of your monthly traffic will come from. Pretty cool right?

Here is how it breaks down:

1) Our Perfect World Keywords. These are keywords that have a search volume of 5000+ searches. These are generally really hard to rank for but worth trying to go for a few anyway.

2) Our Realistic Keywords. These keywords have a search volume of 2,500 – 5,000 monthly searches. Totally with in our range but will require a bit of work to rank them.

3) Easy Keywords. Any thing that has around 1000 monthly searches. These are sometimes called the “low hanging fruit”. Get enough of these on your site and you’ll have a nice little traffic flow.

Well that just about wraps things up for this little tutorial. Stay tuned for the next article where I discuss how to narrow down the results even further and we’ll get into defining what people type into Google when are in the mode to buy. Which if you haven’t guessed is the best time to sell them stuff.