PPC: What is a Landing Page and Why You Need One

Landing pages are places consumers are directed to after clicking on optimized advertisements and links. They should be an extension of the advertisement and direct consumers to have a positive impression of your business. They should also be clear about the intentions of your business and what you want consumers who have arrived at that page to do.

A pay per click agency will typically know what the best type of landing page is best for you. Landing pages can feature text, graphics, video or any other elements seen beneficial to drawing consumers into your business and peaking their interest.

Landing pages are necessary for your website and your marketing plan because if consumers are faced with the plethora of information included on a typical webpage, they might lose interest and not want to deal with searching for what was advertised in your link or ad.

Providing consumers directly with what they were promised through a link or ad helps them maintain their original interest and remain focused on why they clicked on the ad in the first place.

Even if a consumer loses interest once reaching your landing page, a well-designed landing page can help shift their interest to your brand in general, if the specific promotion offered is no longer desired. Excellent design work and content placement that extends outside of the basics of the promotion can build interest in what it is your brand does and offers, in the big picture.

Simply put, landing pages should offer a small look into what your business is and what your brand stands for. If consumers are pleased by what they see on your landing page, they will most likely spend more time exploring your website, your blog, your social media profiles and your business, in general.

You can use separate landing pages for separate marketing campaigns. The landing pages can then be used to monitor the success of each campaign, separately. Above all, keep the content on landing pages specific.

What exactly do you want consumers to do? If it is immediately clear to consumers what to do and why they should do it, your landing page will create success for your business. Including too much information on the page can be distracting and detract from what it is you are asking of consumers.

Clarity, simplicity, attractive design, accurate brand representation, optimization and consistency with what was promised via links or ads are all necessary factors to keep in mind when designing landing pages. Some feature of the landing page should be interactive, considering a landing page exists because of some call to action for consumers.

Whether it is a poll, form to fill out, text box to enter an email address, link to click on, video to watch, etc., a landing page should keep the attention of the consumer and allow them to have control over the interaction going on.

Once you have launched your landing page and consumers have begun to utilize it, keep track of the interaction they have with the page. Are most consumers leaving? Are most consumers redirecting themselves to your website? Are most consumers only focusing on the content of the page?

Are the results you are getting consistent with the goals you have in mind? Monitoring this activity can help you determine what steps need to be made next to increase your consumer base and improve your brand’s reputation.