Content Marketing: 5 Ways to Create Content That Matters

Content marketing
has been and will always be an integral part of overall digital marketing strategy. And content is the most importance piece of every marketing staple that is presented to the users. Without having the right content, it is nearly impossible to reach the target goal in digital marketing.

The main goal of having a good content is not only to educate, but to drive traffic and convert them into potential leads and eventually, customers. However, the internet world is flooded with millions of content trying to get the attention of internet users. And that makes it really challenging to produce the ones that really capture their attention.

That is why planning and defining the goal is very important otherwise all efforts will be useless. To help internet marketers to make contents that really stand out, here are some ways on how to do it:

Define your target audience

If you create a video about fixing a laptop, you don’t want to present it to baby boomers. technology related topics can only be appreciated by generation X and Millennials. Defining your target audience is very crucial to the success of your content. Make a content plan and segment the target audience by demographics, persona, and even buyer’s journey if you are making a product-based content. This way, you will have a direction on how you will deliver your content.

Keyword Research

Simple mathematics – if there’s no data, it’s useless. So always start with keyword research. This is one of the pillars in creating something that may become valuable for internet users. Many content marketing practitioners prefer to identify the topic first before doing keyword research. The down side in doing so is that you find it hard to identify the right topic based on the search interest of the users. By doing keyword research, you will have a clear path to follow in identifying the right topic and the direction of your content.

Proper Content Type

Producing a good content doesn’t always mean writing articles. It should be aligned with the purpose and goal to be able to perform and produce good results. For example, if you are going to target people with little to no knowledge about online marketing, you might want to use a video, ebook, or infographic as your content. This will allow your readers to digest the information easier when presented with the right content format.

Content Direction

What are you trying to say to your audience? How would you address a certain problem to give solutions? Or does your content provide good insight about a certain topic? These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself before proceeding in making your content. Always prepare a proper data and define your direction based on your target audience’s situation. Establishing a clear communication between your content and the readers is very critical. Having a clear content direction will you put your content in the right place.

Promotion Platforms

After all the efforts in producing good contents, it is also important to note the promotion platform that will be used. Besides, if no one sees your content chances are high that it will only be ignored. Go back to your data and analyze where your target audience can be found. Breakdown the possible places where you will promote your content. Remember that in every set of audience, there’s a relevant place where they can be found. For example, if you are targeting professionals, you might want to use Linkedin to promote your content. Or find forums where these type people interact. This way, you will be able to present the right content to the right audience.