Developing Your Content: Reaching Out to Your Readers

Developing Your Content Reaching Out To Your Readers

These days in online marketing, informative content is very important in order for businesses to be visible online as well as to attract clients. Why? People search the Internet for information as well as to research for the products or services that they need. If a company has a good search engine optimization strategy, then they would appear on top of search engines. However, that wouldn’t mean anything if they don’t have content worth reading. So now you may wonder how to have quality content? Here are some tips on how to produce an article that will make your readers stick to your site.

Me, me, me… Stop!

Make your readers relate to what you are talking about. Make your story as “human” as possible—avoid sounding so stiff or a sellout. Words like “you need our services because we are the best” or “buy our product and you won’t regret it” would just, in most cases, turn your readers off. Stop with the “me-centric” mind set! When writing for your readers, make it about them and not about you–enough with direct selling.

Get to know them

In order for your readers to be able to relate to you, get to know them first—know what they want or what they are looking for. Let’s say you are a hotel owner in Guam, don’t directly tell your prospect customers that you are the best; instead, you can entice them about the shopping and beach destinations that are within your location. This way, it won’t only benefit your business but also your country’s tourism.

Furthermore, asking your audience also helps—this leads to engagement. Ask them open-ended questions to get a feel of your readers.

Twists Please!

Keep in mind that the Internet is full of similar-looking content; therefore you should try hard to make yours as interesting as possible to make it worth their time. Adding twists with extra facts can be a great help with regards to making your content more worth reading. After all, people would believe you more if others agree.

Another effective tactic is by looking at your competitions’ content as well as the comments area so that you’ll have an idea on what interests them, from here, you can tweak your content. For example, your competition wrote about the tourist spots in Guam and why it’s all beautiful. You can make yours more exciting by adding a bit of history about the places. That way, your readers will learn more and they will become more engaged.

Stop the Boredom

Have you ever been in a party where the host was strictly reading off the script? If you have, then you know how boring it is—boring to the point that you just want to get out of the venue.

The same is true when writing content. Don’t be too formal and serious, add humor into it! This will tremendously help your content, especially if it is long. If readers will feel as if they are reading a text book, they will surely shove it off.

Ultimately, direct selling is a big no-no if you want to gain the interest of your customers. Put yourself in their shoes; if you were a customer of your service or product, what would you be looking for or what kind of contents are you interested to read? Putting your readers’ first would gain, not only their interests, but also their trust.