What Is Domain Name?

A domain name is a unique name that identifies a website. Maximum length of a domain name is 63 characters, while the minimum length is 1, not including extensions. Domain names cannot begin or end with a hyphen “-“, no space allowed. valid characters are alphabet “a-z”, digits “0-9”, and symbol “-“.

2 major types of domain:

1. Generic top-level domain (e.g. .com, .org, .net)
2. Country code top-level domain (e.g. .com.my, .com.hk, .com.sg, .co.uk)

Some common question:

What is root domain? – top level hierarchy of a domain

Is www a subdomain? – Yes, it is a subdomain.

http://www.example.com (www is the subdomain)
http://abc.example.com (abc is the subdomain)
http://1.example.com.my (1 is the subdomain)
http://abc123.example.com.my (abc123 is the subdomain)
http://example.com (has no subdomain)

How long can i keep a domain name?
Both initially registered and renewal can go for minimum 1 year or maximum 10 year subscription.