What Is Premium Domain?

Premium domain often refers to a domain that is short in length or number of characters, popular, highly brandable and memorable. Speculators invest time and money to hunt premium domain, therefore the resell price is higher than normal registration fees (10-15USD).

Premium domains categories:

  1. Dictionary domain – any words you can find in English dictionary e.g. apple.com, time.com, live.com
  2. Short domain – any domains with 4 letters and below e.g. nba.com, espn.com, cnn.com, bbc.com, hi5.com
  3. Geodomain – domain names that carry geographic entities e.g. newyork.com, malaysia.com, china.com
  4. celebrity – ladygaga.com, jackiechan.com, cristianoronaldo.com
  5. Momorable domain – combination of two words domain e.g. facebook.com, pinterest.com, dropbox.com, airasia.com
  6. brandable domain – adidas.com, samsung.com, android.com, amazon.com

Premium domain ranges from few hundred million depending on market influences and demand. HugeDomains ask the price for the following domain