What Is RSS Feed?

We often saw this RSS feed icon on websites. How RSS feed work? RSS stand for Really Simple Syndication, it is an XML file format to allow publishers syndicate data automatically. We take Facebook timeline as an example, a user following a friend or fan page, the new post will automatically become visible to the subscriber’s timeline. RSS feed is used widely in social media, websites, forums, and blogs.

Without RSS feed subscription – the user have to visit every single site manually for new content and it is time-consuming. It can also affect the bounce rate of the site without having an RSS feed because of the fact that internet users are not patient enough to dig down deep on a certain website to find valuable contents.

With RSS feed subscription – when publishers update a new content, it will automatically send the information to the user. In this way, the content that a website owner wants his/her users to see will automatically be sent through email, thus giving the content the fastest exposure possible.

To receive new updates, we need a feed reader. Here are some popular RSS reader:
Digg Reader
Aol Reader

A video of how RSS feed work

RSS has been a great way to syndicate contents and deliver them straight to a blog’s target audience and is also being used by almost all blogs all over the world.