How to find a good seo agency


Hiring a good SEO company is not an easy task, low-quality service providers could cause a website to drop traffic, rankings, and worse, sales. We’ve seen startup companies spend high budget on SEO services and eventually realized that it’s a scam. We don’t want that to happen to you, we have some tips for you to identify between the good and bad SEO agencies.

Bad SEO agencies

  1. Offer bulk link building services with surprisingly low cost
  2. Emphasizing strategy on quantity of backlinks instead of quality backlinks
  3. Show off a selection of keywords been achieved in search engine
  4. Often under-priced
  5. Still talk about PageRank as an ultimate goal
  6. Cannot answer technical SEO question e.g. canonical, page speed, mobile friendly, analytics, algorithm
  7. Offer guarantee ranking on search engine result
  8. Promise to deliver quick results in short period
  9. Claim to have a good relationship with Google
  10. Focus optimisation on few targeted keywords
  11. Confuse clients about Adwords result is organic result
  12. Often send out cold call emails

Good SEO agencies

  1. Talk about sales and revenue, instead of pure keyword ranking
  2. Talk about web traffic analysis e.g. bounce rate, conversion, impression
  3. Talk about your business goals and aligning with suitable SEO strategy
  4. Talk about Content writing strategy to attract high-quality links
  5. Talk about PR and marketing integration with offline campaigns
  6. Suggestion to improve user experience e.g. website speed, design, site structure
  7. Talk about long term gain
  8. Combine SEO solution with Adwords and social media management
  9. Good knowledge with Google webmaster guideline
  10. Their company website often rank well in search engine
  11. The company have active blog and social media profile
  12. Online contribution e.g. the company participate in forum and Q&A section to help up community growth

The questions help you to identify a good SEO firm

  • What do you think about my website structure and design?
  • Any space of improvement?
  • Can you show me some examples of your work?
  • What seo strategy you use to improve my website traffic and ranking?
  • How long to expect the seo result?

The questions you may expected from good SEO company

  • What is your targeting keywords?
  • Who are your major competitors?
  • What do you expect from SEO return of investment?
  • Can you provide webmaster and web stats access?
  • Who are your target audiences and buyers?
  • What is your monthly budget for SEO?