Does My Site Need SEO Articles?

Businesses with websites are constantly being told that they need plenty of keyword rich articles in order for their site to achieve any great ranking in the search engines, but is this the absolute truth? Do ALL sites require lots of keyword rich content in order to succeed, or can some sites get away without it?

Let’s start off by discussing WHY SEO articles have been promoted as being necessary. The search engines use the content on a page to decide how relevant the page is for particular keywords or search terms.

Therefore, the more information on the page about something in particular, the higher the page should rank (provided, of course, it has enough backlinks as well as other SEO in place). This makes sense, BUT it doesn’t always make sense to have sites full of keyword filled SEO articles.

For example, if you have an ecommerce site with a shopping cart and you’re selling lots and lots of articles, do you REALLY need all your pages to be full of articles? Well, not really. Obviously if you’re selling a product you want to include relevant information about the product for your potential buyers, but you don’t need several hundred words discussing the history of each and every product on your site. Visitors to your site will be those who are looking to buy Product X, not read several hundred words about Product X!

In fact, if you do a search for any popular product online, you’ll probably find several shopping sites all selling the product, most which won’t have reams of irrelevant information about it, just the basic information any searcher needs in order to decide whether or not to buy the product, and the all important “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now” button.

This is not to say that a site shouldn’t be content rich. Your site needs quality content, but you need to look at your site not just from the search engine’s perspective, but from the perspective of visitors to your site. Naturally, if you’re creating a site full of information then you’ll need to provide content in the form of articles, videos or whatever media you’re choosing to educate your visitors. However, if your just selling products, it doesn’t always make sense to have reams of articles about your products.

What if you’re an offline business, what sort of site do you need then? Obviously, if you’re looking for visitors (both to your site and to your place of business) you’ll have to provide them the sort of information they’re looking for. If you’re an accountant, for example, you may wish to provide information about the various accounting services your firm specializes in.

This means, if you’re writing articles for your site (or having someone write them for you), you want them to be specific to your firm and to describe exactly what services you perform. What you include on your site MUST be relevant to your business. You don’t want a general article about “accounting”, because anyone looking for your site is probably going to have some idea of what accounting is. In fact, they’ll most likely be looking for a particular firm in your area to do business with.

What does this mean? It means to look at your site from the perspective of potential visitors. What do THEY want from your site? More importantly, what sort of information are they going to expect your site to provide for them?

It’s pretty certain that if they’re looking for information about a product they want to buy, they’re not going to want to sift through several hundred words of irrelevant nonsense about the product! If they’re looking for a local accounting firm or law firm, they’re equally not going to want to read several hundred words about “accounting” or “law”!

This means that if you’re looking for cheap and easy SEO articles to fill your website, you may have to think again. If you do need to have your writing outsourced, you may need to pay a little more and get quality writing that is very specific to the services or goods you’re offering on your site. High quality text IS important, but only if it meets the needs of your visitors.

It is still possible to use keywords effectively in your content, without overwhelming your visitor with irrelevant rubbish! Remember that some of the most successful sites have very little in the way of keyword rich content (think of how popular YouTube videos are, for example, or products on websites like Amazon) because they’re well set up sites and they have a lot of popularity in the form of good quality backlinks.