Portable Multi-Socket Power Tower

Does your house or office power extension look like the image below? Too many wiring, lack of extension port, fear of current leakage.


Portable Multi-Socket power tower is not a new electronic item, but it only has the minority group of users. The price is range from RM60 – RM100, depend on the number of ports e.g. 4×4, 4×3, 4×2

Portable Multi Socket Tower


The characteristic of Portable Multi-Socket Power tower:

1. Safer and avoids contact with jack directly
2. More convenient to use in anytime, any place
3. Each layer is equipped with an independent switch to protect your appliances.
4. Multi-layer is free to choose according to different needs.
5. Groundbreaking technology, perfect design and the ultimate security experience.
6. Support USB port.
7. Supply all standard type of socket.


1. The sum of connected electric power shall not exceed the rated power;
2. Please don’t bunch the wire when used to avoid unusual overheating;
3. Please take the plug into jack completely;
4. Please keep it out of touch of children;
5. Please don’t use in damp envrionment;
6. Don’t disassemble back cover