How FireChat Communication Work Without Internet?


Many people wondering how FireChat communication can work without data and internet coverage, popular messaging tools like Whatapps, WeChat, Line has led the communication market. The app was never designed as a messaging tool for protesters, but for people in places with poor connectivity and large population density such as event festival.

The app had a relatively slow start in the market until the internet is down and hit among protesters. Many demonstrators worried the government would cut off the internet connection. Out of sudden thousands of protester downloaded FireChat.

Many people wondering how Firechat communication work without internet connection such as Wi-FI, 3G, 4G. Firechat backbone is built by Bluetooth network, it is peer to peer connect to user devices. When the number of connected devices increases, it extends to wider coverage and works like a megaphone.

Bersih 4 rally organizer recommended FireChat in case of a communication breakdown


Besides China’s umbrella revolution in Hong Kong, FireChat has also been used by Iraqis and Taiwanese students during their anti-Beijing Sunflow Movement.