Why Video Marketing Will be a Game Changer in Today’s Digital Marketing Trend?

Everyone’s heard the buzz about video marketing, and many, many Internet marketers have jumped on the bandwagon. However, the same isn’t necessarily true for those who have bricks and mortar businesses.

Sure, many businesses take advantage of TV advertising, but often smaller business just don’t have the budget for it, and don’t realize there’s a less costly but even more accessible alternative in online video marketing, where more people can be reached at a much faster rate.

Of those who do experiment with video marketing, many choose to create their own videos. They may put together a short video made up of photos of their business, or may take a camcorder around and do an actual short movie showcasing their business and what they do.

This is a good start, especially if the video is well made and informative, but it may not be enough these days to really spark the interest of viewers.

A recent study has indicated that online video watchers have very short attention spans. If something doesn’t immediately grab their attention, they switch off. In fact, the rate of abandonment within the first 10 seconds is extremely high, and by the time a minute’s passed, almost half of all viewers have switched off.

There’s a huge lesson to be learned by this for anyone contemplating video marketing for their business: get the attention of your customers FAST.

TV advertising works because most viewers don’t bother about switching off during the ad breaks. They may take their attention away from the TV screen, but the ad’s still going in the background. While most viewers do their best to ignore TV ads, these ads have their way of seeping into the viewer’s consciousness anyway!

Video marketing online requires a slightly different strategy. Viewers don’t NEED to sit there and watch your video while waiting for their program of choice to resume, they’ve got better things to do. An ad that works for TV, no matter how clever, may not work nearly as well for the Internet, especially if it takes too long to get to the “punchline”!

The first 10 seconds of any online video are absolutely crucial. The attention of the viewer must be grabbed and their curiosity piqued within just a few seconds for the video to have any discernable impact at all.

Often, this requires a complete re-think of the way ads are created for the online market. Something visual, interesting and intriguing needs to happen quickly, and the ad needs to get straight to the point AND keep the viewer’s attention for the length of the video. This is no small task for those used to creating for a different audience!

However, the benefits of video marketing are obvious. While viewers get bored quickly with videos that don’t grab their immediate attention, they get even more bored with slabs of dull text, and really don’t want to wade through heaps of writing to discover what they’re looking for.

More so than ever before in the past, people want to get information instantly. Their lives are fast paced and busy, and they lack the patience to sift through information that doesn’t immediately grab them, and doesn’t immediately present them with the information they’re looking for. Online, anything that can grab a viewer’s attention for more than a few seconds is on the right track!

A well constructed video created for your business by an expert who understands the importance of video marketing, and how crucial it is to grab people’s attention fast – and keep it – is an enormous asset to any business. Without well crafted videos for your company’s video marketing strategy, you’re leaving money on the table and pushing customers away.