The Easier Way To Report TM Phone, Unifi and Streamyx Service Fault


How do you report TM fault? The common way to contact TM Customer Service Centre is dial Call 100, but what if our phone line is down as well or you are in overseas?

The alternative ways to contact TM:

1. Call 1300-888-123 with another phone

2. Call +603-2241-1290 if you are calling from overseas.

3. TM Online reporting, contacting TM is troublesome process especially during peak hours, it can take more than 30 mins for the operator to respond to the calls, then verify account ownership and sometimes the line cuts off that requires to redial.

To simplify the process, create an account at TM and file a report online

Upon registration, go to support and select the type of services to be report

Fill up your feedback and submit

Within 5 minutes, you will receive an email notifcation from TM Support.
online report

Other benefits of register an account at TM:

Online bill, get to know your outstanding amount and make payment online.

TM rewards, users can redeem the gift with their points.