How To Migrate A Blog From Blogger To WordPress (Self-Host)?


Few months ago we started at blogger, mainly because of free hosting and easy to setup. When our content keeps growing, we realize some serious limitations on blogger:

1. Individual page is limited to 1 MB in size, exceeding the limit will prompt an error message of “006 Please contact Blogger Support.
2. 15GB of storage space shared with Gmail and Drive
3. Individual blog is limited to 100 editors or administrators.
4. Up to 2000 unique labels per blog and 20 per post.
5. On page SEO e.g. changing meta tag for individual page
6. Custom design limitations for different landing page
7. Lack of external plugin support

Due to various restrictions, we decided to migrate from blogger to self-host WordPress. The process of  transferring our content will be shown below:

Login to WordPress Dashboard > Tools > Import

wordpress import tool

Select Blogger (


Install Blogger Importer plugin


Activate the plugin


Authorise Blogger Importer to access your Google account

Allow access. Important notice: OAuth1 for Google accounts is going away on April 20, 2015, meaning the existing migration method will disable soon. After the date we will post a new guide.


Upon succeeding with the connection, select the specific blog post to import to WordPress


Press the refresh button, if the required blog did not load successfully


To discontinue the plugin to access blogger post, we can always the clear existing account information and reconnect.