How Cadbury Malaysia Recover Their Market Reputation Against Porcine DNA?

Muslim users rely on the Halal label to make purchase decisions. In May 2014 a breaking news of Cadbury’s, porcine DNA were found in Cadbury’s chocolate. Cadbury lovers were shock with the news, some felt that they have been cheated, while some were worried, angry, and disappointed.

Although only two products were affected in the controversy, but the unverified report has resulted an overall sales decline, entire chain of Cadbury’s products has been
affected especially in Malaysia, according to a halal industry insider.

Users are concerned with the issue, it reflects high volume search in Google trend. Some popular keywords are cadbury babi, cadbury halal

After the incident, Cadbury has taken a fast move to recover their reputation :

Social media reputation management
24 – 27 May, reply users feedback on Facebook, told them investigation in process.

30th of  May, first press statement in dual language – Cadbury is confident our Chocolates are halal
4 June, second press in dual language – Our Cadbury Chocolates are halal

Website reputation management

6th of June, they took down their existing website and replaced it with press release statement

Old website

press release statement

On going reputation management.
July 2014, Cadbury revamped their new website.

18th of July – release a dual language video in Youtube. The video explains, how
Overall Malay version viewership is higher than english version

23rd of July – Cadbury Malaysia Plant Opens Doors to Religious Leaders – for the first time in over 40 years, opened its doors to invite a panel of religious leaders and scholars to their manufacturing plant at Shah Alam.

19 November 2014 – Pengesahan JAKIM menamatkan dakwaan palsu tentang Cadbury Malaysia