How To Identify A Song On The Radio Or TV?

Do you struggle to identify a favourite song title on the radio or TV?

Searching music videos in Google and Youtube is easy, however to search a song without knowing it’s title is not an easy task. Some users may try to search a song with partial lyrics, but there are certain songs that have no lyrics on the internet and use languages we’re not familiar with. We found some great tools share:

Shazam – A popular mobile app to identify any commercial album. It is simple to use, by pressing the big “S” button, it will automatically analyse an unknown music, within few second a user can get the song title.

The app results include the song biography, and linking to youtube, spotify and radio music apps song.

Midomi– A great website to recognize unknown songs, compare with Shazam this tool can even identify a song sing by user voice.

To search song, press the studio icon and start sing