Technology And Its Strong Influence On Communication

The advent of technology has supposedly improved our society and lifestyle. It truly makes the special impact on each aspect of life and on the communication techniques. Believe it or not, the development of communication may be seen as the different shapes, ranging from simple computer to the latest and most fashionable cell phones. Each century has seemed to see the new addition to the ever-growing means of communication.

The first technological invention which has had a strong influence on humans to the massive extent is the invention of telephone created by Alexander Graham Bell in 1875. Other subsequent inventions such as cell phones, laptops, the Internet and so on further altered the process of communication for betterment.

Positive Effects of Technology on Communication

Technology has actually transformed the far and big world into the tiny one. Thanks to the advanced technology, humans have the power to contact anyone in many different parts of the word. The following will summarize its advantages:

Enhance relations: Technology has truly made it very easy and convenient for people to communicate with the old contacts and also assist in strengthening the relationships.

No barrier: Communication is easier, especially in case of the situations when we desire to convey anything to anybody urgently, and the emails and mobiles will come in handy.

Better solutions: In general, technology has helped our world come together closely and promoted the exchange of thoughts to look for the best solutions to any dilemma.

Influence on relations: Seeking for a person to date will become easier thanks to lots of the chatting and dating websites on the Internet. Yes, technology is considered as the rational factor behind the success of the long distance relationships. Plus, social networking sites and video chats have played the huge role in people’s communication.

E-schools: Some certain services such as video-conferencing have made it completely possible to give the ideal education to the students through the professional faculty on the web.

Development: In fact, technological advancements in the shapes of communication have boosted the decision-making process faster, and led to the progress of the world. Sometimes, video-conferencing has been essential to promote the decision-making process. Almost all of the businesses rely much upon technology for communication.

Negative Effects Of Technology On Communication

One of the most outstanding dark effects of technology is the attraction of the good old world seems to be missing. Lengthy conversations in person, the letters, etc. have gone away, and have been currently replaced by chatting or messaging. Some given points will help us to know more:

Impact on the interpersonal communication: The present generation is likely to lack the necessary interpersonal skills like the ability to express their thoughts and ideas to others directly. The main reason here is the increased frequency of communication via chatting on the websites or messaging on the mobile phones.

Influence on the nonverbal communication: Lack of the face-to-face conversations and interactions has reduced the power of nonverbal communication in each person.

Creating the big gap: Many teenagers have a tendency to be hooked to some social networking websites. As a result, they will be more close to their online buddies, yet the noticeable gap between them and their parents has considerably increased.

Decreased social interactions: Now, it is time to consider the socializing process among people. What do we see? Has life changed a lot? Yes, there seems to be no social get-togethers and meetings anymore. Humans are likely to get immersed themselves in the online lives, rather than the real ones, right?

Cause for many addictions: Individuals have become addicted to cell phones and the Internet. Therefore, this addiction has led to several anxiety disorders. Those addicted to the Internet often feel isolated and lonely.

Malicious motives: Many people tend to take advantage of the social networking sites, and then communicate with unsuspecting ones to pretend someone else. Actually, these types of people have done more harm than the good.