3 Actionable Title Tag and Meta Description Strategies

Title tags and Meta descriptions play a big role in Search Engine Optimization. Not only they help impact the overall search performance of a website, they also entice people to click through in the search results. And since we all know that Google automatically fetch to fill and make your titles and meta descriptions relevant when someone searches for something that relates to your webpage, it doesn’t really mean that we should totally neglect spending time optimizing these things.

The following are just some of the benefits from a well-optimized meta tags:

• Higher Click-Through Rate
• Higher Conversion
• Makes a certain webpage standout among other pages in the SERP
• It helps generate organic traffic

There are still countless of advantages webmasters can get in optimizing the title and meta description of a website. That being said, I’m sharing my techniques in writing meta tags that I’ve learned years ago but still works nowadays:

1. Use action-oriented title tag and meta description

My rule of thumb is “Start with a Verb” not all the time, but most of the time. Because you are directly enticing people to click through when you start with an action word. If you will look closely especially title and meta descriptions for ecommerce website, you’ll notice 95% of the meta tags start with a verb. Take a look at the examples below:

• List all possible action words that you can incorporate in writing the title tags and meta descriptions for each of your webpage.
• After listing the words, you can now choose the right verb to use. Remember that there are specific appropriate words to use in every niche.

2. Emphasize benefits in meta description

One big mistake lots of SEOs make when writing titles and meta descriptions is that they often think that these elements only used to describe what the page is all about. It’s not wrong. It’s just that there are other ways to utilize these elements for greater use. One way is to let the users know the benefits they will get even before they visit the webpage. That way, it can increase your chance of getting higher search engine click-through.


Best Buy defines the benefit of shopping with them in their meta description. That would lead to a higher click through compare to other webpages that simply summarize everything in their meta description.

3. Utilize the so called “Power Words”

Power words are used by writers to capture the emotion of their readers. Meta tags are the ones to first shown to the users in the SERP. Taking advantage of it through the use of the right words will give you a huge advantage. This is something that lots of SEOs don’t aware of.

For example, instead of using “Good” you might want to consider replacing it by “Great” or “Impeccable”. Power words are used to evoke emotions or trigger curiosity to your audience. Leading them to dig in deeper to your contents and it’s one of the most powerful tools in marketing.



Make a list of power words and categorize them under specific themes. For example: Authority – Iron-clad, Proven, Validate, Authentic, Genuine, Bona fide, Legitimate, etc.

This way, you can easily find the right word to use when writing titles and descriptions.