Going For Content Marketing? Read These Top 10 Tips Before You Proceed

You are probably sick of hearing about the importance of content marketing for online marketers. It has been the buzzword in the SEO community for some time now but this is only because it is one of the few SEO strategies that can guarantee results if well executed.

With content marketing you don’t have to spend sleepless nights worrying about being penalized for some long forgotten mistake by Google or worse, have to see all your good work undone by a search engine algorithm update.Instead of looking a content marketing as a SEO strategy, you should really be treating it as a marketing strategy.

This is because creating premium quality content and marketing well is simply online marketing. No one can deny that high quality content is vital for SEO, but more importantly, it provides users with important information about the brand you are promoting, increases its visibility and establishes it as a thought leader in that niche.

Good, informative content will also encourage your guests to trust you better, which makes it more likely for you to make conversions and get repeat visitors.Yet, understanding the importance of leveraging your content is only the first step. The second step is to actually go out of your way to market it. But there are a few other things you should have in mind before launching your content marketing campaign.

1. Have clearly defines objectives

This will encourage you to create focused content. Before you start creating that promotional video or writing that blog post, ask yourself what you want to achieve.

2. Research your audience

Not every approach works with all audiences and you should not only tailor your content to suit your target audience, but also employ marketing techniques that will increase your chances of reaching them. Try to get a good understanding of the favored language style your audience uses and try using a similar tone when talking to them.

3. Take your time with the headlines

It has been mentioned in much content marketing forums that over 4 times as many people will only glance at the headlines compared to those who will opt to read the body of the text. Improve on this ratio by taking time to make catchy and enticing headlines to encourage readers to click through to the main post.

4. Anchor products and services into your content

Conversions are the Holy Grail or any marketing campaign, whether offline or online. Since this is your prime objective, ensure that you always link through to your purchase point to improve conversion rates. Having an ‘upsell’ point is also another good way of increasing your conversion success.

5. Create content with a positive visual impact

Despite the warning in the saying, most people do in fact judge books by the cover! Take advantage of this by using content with info graphics, images headers, graphics and videos.

6. Include triggers and calls to action within your content

It not just enough to create good content, you must also get your audience to react to it by anchoring triggers and calls to action within it. This can be anything like call now,sign up today or ‘click here.

7. Ignore social media at your peril

Social media is fast becoming the most popular and effective way to drive traffic to your content. Make sure you assign adequate time and resources creating highly optimized profiles on social media platforms like twitter and Facebook and using them to actively engage users to direct them to your content.

8. Avoid using automatic translation tools – localize your content

If your content is targeted at an international audience, you should avoid going for the easy route – simply translating the text. Consult a native speaker or anyone with a good understanding of the cultural differences to create content that speaks to your target audience in different parts if the world.

9. Never stop testing

This is one more tip you will probably hear a few more times if you are looking to improve your content marketing skills, and it is one of the best tips you will ever hear. Testing and measuring your audience’s reaction to your content will help you determines what works and what doesn’t.

10. Get into the eBook business

It is no longer necessary for you to contact a publisher to launch an eBook into the market. To maximize the value your brand gets from the content, you take some of your most read blog posts, condense them into a single eBook and publish it online for interested individuals to download or better still, send it along with other materials in your marketing emails.