Myths Of Email Marketing

There are many myths surrounding email marketing. With emails sent every single day, there has been a lot of misinformation put out to the public about email marketing. Here are some of the most common email marketing myths dealt with by Poxse Digital Marketing.

Customers are bombarded by promotional Emails everyday while many people believe that customers are bombarded by promotional emails every day the truth is that 60% of all consumers with an email address receive less than six promotional emails a day. People will just classify junk mail as spam.

With spam filters offered by all the major email providers such as Yahoo and Gmail, people think that most others flag marketing emails as spam any time that they receive them. The truth is that one in 2,000 people will take the time to mark a promotional email as spam.

The more people receive marketing emails the more they delete them one popular myth is that any company that sends regular emails to consumers will end up having their emails deleted. It has been proven that if a company sends a promotional email every week for a month that most people will open at least one of those emails.

The Subject Of An Email Must Be Short

When it comes to email marketing many people believe that the subject of the email must be short in order to get people to open and read it. However, the strength of the subject is more important than the length of it. The more descriptive the subject line is the more likely someone is to open the email, regardless of the length of the subject

There Is A Right And Wrong Time Of Day To Send Email.

The myth that there is a right time and a wrong time to send an email doesn’t hold much weight. If a company sends out marketing emails every day at 3pm and none of their subscribers check their email until 11pm the company was not wrong to send out the email when they did. Since email can be checked whenever a person decides to it can be impossible for companies to predict when their customers will be reading an email from them. When it comes to the appropriate time to send a marketing email what does matter is that if an email advertising a company’s

Sending The Same Email Twice Is Bad

Some companies have found that sending the same email twice works out for them under certain circumstances. The idea of emails is used on those recipients on a company’s email list that didn’t read their previous email. The company waits 48 hours and sends the email with a different subject line.