What Is Google Mobile-Friendly Algorithm?


What is Search Engine Algorithm?
Search engine algorithm is a complex formula, it’s ran by robots automatically to calculate what website to rank and return most relevant search results. For example, if a user IP is in Penang, and the user search “furniture store” on Google, the result will favour to Penang furniture shop instead of Kuala Lumpur furniture store.

Why mobile friendly algorithm is a big issue?

Each time Google rolls out a new algorithm, it will impact millions of websites. In the past, many websites have been hit by Google Penguin and Google Panda significantly causing traffic drop.

The rapid grow of smartphone users lead marketers to predict by the end of 2015, the number of mobile users will surplus desktop users. In line with mobile demand, it is necessary for Google to improve the search quality on mobile devices, lately Google Webmaster Central announced to released mobile friendly algorithm on coming 21st April 2015.

Google indicate mobile friendly hint in search result, we believe majority of the users will not click on non-mobile friendly result.


Is your website mobile friendly?

Web developer can test their website score with PageSpeed Insights, the page speed score likely part of the ranking signal.

PageSpeed Insights score

Mobile friendly algorithm emphasizes on the following agenda:

1. No impact on tablet and desktop search result.

2. Site speed is a big matter, avoid mobile users to wait too long while looking at the blank content.

3. Mobile friendly design with proper viewport for tablet and phone. The design must suited with finger touch, size content not too small or close to each other.

4. Native app content in search results, the search result directly connects to the app store, play store or users installed apps.

5. Remove result with mobile blocking content, e.g. No flash content search result in Apple device.

Preparation of algorithm change:
1. Switch to mobile friendly design, prefer a responsive design.

2. Improve website loading speed, shouldn’t more than 4 seconds.

3. For those who have a native apps, associated with your site

4. Fix mobile usability issues recommend by webmaster tool.

5. Stay closer to monitoring analytics and web impression after 21 April.