What Is Miracast?

Some Android devices let you mirror the screen with HDMI cable, others use proprietary solution like Samsung AllShare Cast. Many have the Chromecast kind of look as mirror, but which only designed to work on selected apps.

It is the same Android fermentation story you always hear, so this is where new standard call Mirrorcast comes in. Miracast is a wireless technology develop by Wi-Fi Alliance®, a worldwide network of companies that bring you Wi-Fi®. It lets you mirror your smartphone, tablet, or PC’s screen to TV using a wireless technology.

To run a screen mirroring, you need a Miracast compatible receiver, either TV built-in or your dongle connected to it, check out the Wi-Fi Direct website for supported devices.

The great part about Miracast, unlike Air Play is it doesn’t require your local wi-Fi connection, instead the receiver creates an ad hoc network for your android device. Upon successful connection, you can watch videos, photos and applications in TV. Your mobile devices act like a remote control to cast any content including video, photos, music, and application.

Mirroring is good but you must let your mobile screen turned on, as soon the mobile devices lock the TV screen with blackout.

Miracast can be use for entertainment and presentation purpose.

LG Smart TV with Miracast built-in feature

Plug Mircast USB dongle into HDMI port, turn any HD TV to become smart TV, the price range from RM80 to RM250

AVF Mircast and EZcast

Asus Miracast