How Do I use Filezilla To Upload Files To A Website

FileZilla is free, cross-platform FTP application software, consisting of FileZilla Client and Server. It is one of the most widely used software programs for transferring files from a local computer to another network.

This program is also one of the most preferred software by webmasters in managing their websites in terms of server lists and queue transfers. FileZilla is designed to run on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux and is capable of supporting FTP, SFTP, and FTPS protocols.

There are several ways to upload files to a web server. In this guide, we are focused on FTP upload by using Filezilla application. The steps are as follows:

1. Download the correct version of Filezilla at

2. After downloading, run the application

3. Begin Filezilla installation.

4. The latest version of Filezilla installer is bundled with additional software, which is not necessary to users. To skip the installation, decline linkkey and mypcbackup

5. Continue an installation by select install now.

6. Agree to Filezilla terms of use.

7. For a computer with multiple user accounts, there is an option that allows both single and multiple user accounts. For those who are not sure, stay with a first option and click next.

8.Select all component.

9. Select destination folder.

10. Click install.

11. Installation complete and begin to use Filezilla.

12. Fill up FTP user account and password to connect to a web server.

13. Drag and drop the require files to public_html folder, and visible those files to a public.

For demo purpose, we downloaded a free template from Zypop, then re-upload the files to our PET hosting.


How to add a downloadable Word, Excel, PDF or other files to a website?

The process is same, drag and drop the require the required file, then that create a hyperlink for a user to download. Example: