What is an IP address?

“” IP stands for internet protocol, it is used to communicate packets of data across a network.

In a simple word, we use home address to deliver postal mail, IP for internet data. IP address is used in computer, tablet, mobile, printer, and more. For example, James require peter housing address to send out a postal mail. On the other hand, James computer need to identify Peter computer IP to send out email

The difference between public and private IP
External IP / Public IP = any valid IP address can be accessed over the Internet
Private IP / Local IP = accessible only within the Local Area Network

How to find my external IP?
– Go to Google and search “What is my IP address”

How to find my internal IP?
– Go to window command prompt – click windows start button > search cmd > “ipconfig”

Type of IP address class

Class Address Range Supports
Class A to Up to 16 million hosts on each of 127 networks.
Class B to Up to 65,000 hosts on each of 16,000 networks.
Class C to Up to 254 hosts on each of 2 million networks.
Class D to Reserved for multicast groups.
Class E to Reserved for future use, or Research and Development Purposes.