How Digital Marketing Helps the Economy?

Digital marketing for economy
The birth of online marketing arose years ago after companies and brands realized the high utilization of the Internet in terms of researching for anything—products, services, and information.

In fact, these days, when a company cannot be found online, it is a risk on their part because eventually, the sale will not be funneled towards them. In fact, according to Digital Trends, 84% of Internet users search the Web to look for information about products and services. However, Internet marketing is not just beneficial for businesses which strive to grow because in some ways, it has also helps the economy. Listed are three factors on how online marketing benefits the economy:

Assists Striving Businessmen

With the strike of the 2008 recession, people have been paranoid regarding their employment since most were being laid-off for austerity measures. The hard part with getting fired is that, finding a new job becomes a challenge; especially with the current economic turmoil that world is experiencing. Because of this, these former employees look for other ways to earn; and setting up a small business is the next logical step. Who wouldn’t want to be their own boss, right?

So how does online marketing fit in the picture?

Online marketing has given tons of opportunities for many businesses because of its wide array of services including web development and design, web content writing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, online branding and online reputation management. All of these services require tons of specialists in those specific fields; thus, creating more jobs for people.

But being in this industry does not necessarily mean that you are strictly employed by a company because actually, you can do it on your own; just look for clients that need online marketing. For example, you are adept in web development, you can look for clients that are in need of your service and earn income that way. You won’t have to work for anybody but yourself as your service can stand on its own. With the demand of online marketing and all the services involved in it, your web business would surely be successful for as long as you work hard.

Also, you can do this at the comforts of your own home. By doing so, you won’t have to face the hassles of everyday commute going back and forth to the office.

“In the past three months, my net income has risen 20% even though I’ve only been working an hour or two per day since my son was born.” says Jonathan Ledger, a blogger and creator of a number of well known and respected software and service applications.

Higher Growth Potential for Employment

“All companies these days are taking a very hard look at their budgets. The days of major advertising dollars going to excessively expensive print advertising and PR are over now. Businesses need to be able to quantify their marketing success and make adjustments when efforts are not helping them grow revenue,” says Brent Gleeson, CEO and co-founder of Internet Marketing Inc.

With that being said, businesses turned to online marketing because it is more cost-effective and faster audience reach. Furthermore, reach is limitless because it does not have geographical boundaries and since people these days turn to the Internet for products and services, online marketing helps expand businesses and with expansion comes more opportunities not just for yourself but to others as well; thus higher growth potential for employment.

Helps Developing Countries

One of the ways of helping developing countries boost their economy is if they export goods and services. These days, developed countries often outsource their services overseas because it’s cheaper, lower regulatory costs and somehow, performance is at par with their standards.

Truth be told, online marketing is one of the most popular services that established companies abroad outsource to developing countries. This does not only provide employment but it also helps the economy. In the end, it is win-win situation.

So, no matter how bad the economy may be, there’s always a silver lining behind it. You just have to look for it and hopefully, take advantage of it.