Recycle and Recreate to Make it in the Online Marketing Arena

Not all great ideas are new. Looking at the businesses that continuously spring up everywhere, we will see that not all of them are a product of a totally original idea. Most of these are just recycled or approached in a different angle. Skin care products derived from an ancient beauty treatment, mobile phone that is an obvious carbon copy of another existing gadget, restaurants that offer no difference with what has been long selling in the market, the list could go on.

Originality is not the most important thing in molding a business to success but, as experts always say, it is creativity and reinvention. In this modern age when everything has been already invented, the idea of originality seems to have slipped the minds of business owners. “To recycle and recreate” is the mantra of one famous marketing speaker on TV and perhaps, to some degree, is better so as not to waste time inventing new things. Inventing—just leave that to the scientists.

However, recycling and recreating are not just for those who are in the stage of planning what kind of business is right for them. It also applies to those who already have their own establishments yet struggling to soar and to get noticed by their target audience.

Despite the Internet’s fame, a lot of business owners are still afraid to go online (or have an online presence) because they think this move as a daunting act since everyone has already gone online. For them, the Web is too crowded a place that getting involved in online competition is not the right time since everyone, their competitors, has long established themselves there and vying at this moment would just make them automatic losers.

Another expert says that in the online marketing game, there is no such thing as the “right time”. The competition is a labyrinth where everyone is playing the same game at the same time. Yet as newcomer to that labyrinth, the very first thing he should do is to observe, not how far his competitors have already gone, but what specific ways and methods they’ve been using to be in that place. Study that method, and then start recycling and recreating.

In the online marketing game, we all know that there exist lots of means to advertise and promote a brand, a service or a product. Yet the most popular among which is, incontestably, SEO Reselling. It’s been years since it started but it has drastically changed the whole industry landscape.

From the typical “reselling” approach, it transformed to various kinds of methods. Now there is White Label SEO, there’s even non-SEO-related trades that has reselling on their service which they do as part of promotion and expansion. There are also lots of firms that focus solely on reselling, as well as companies that are into scouting for resellers which they refer on various SEO service firms. These things are all product of early business owners who struggled to surface on their own niches. White Label SEO was created during the time when resellers are hard to keep in a company and the demand for the service skyrocketed.

Perhaps the new way to advertise is not to come up with a new way to do it but by looking at what exists today; by recycling its positive quality to create something newer and better out of it.