5 Things to Include On Your ‘SEO Writing’ Checklist

Best practices for SEO writing vary among SEO companies that have sprouted like mushrooms in the Philippines and around the world. Each SEO company may have what they call their own “trade secrets” and it may differ from one another. Well, that’s alright because there are too many methodologies or approaches that really work but those that doesn’t work have their fair share, too.

This guide will tell you some basic points on how to properly optimize your content. Just remember that while SEO writing checklist is a helpful starting point, you should use the data you have gathered from your research, or the available tools that you have, and most especially, your own wisdom to find out the best ways to optimize your site. Remember, what works for others may not work for you.

The title of your content is important

You wouldn’t want to submit your exam papers without putting your name on it, would you? In SEO writing, the title serves as a name tag, so when recitation comes, search engines know the right one to ask that could provide the correct answer.

Use catchy but not misleading title. Do not put Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber if they have nothing to do with your content. What your content is all about should be reflected in the title, and it is considered a best practice to include your keyword in the title without exceeding 70 characters to be fully visible on the search engine result pages.

Keyword stuffing is too outdated

True. Unless you want to find your website rotting in the search engines sewers, DO NOT stuff keywords to your content. You don’t have to repeat “cheap web design” or “Internet Marketing Services” too many times to the extent that it doesn’t make any sense anymore. Strategize the use of keywords in SEO writing and they don’t have to be verbatim because search engines nowadays understand keywords which are synonymous with other terms. There is no exact number on the keyword density but make sure that it is carefully spread throughout your content.

Quality is more than quantity

Today, search engines focus more on quality content which means, in SEO writing, you should write content for your readers and not for search engines. Write contents that are compelling and worth sharing with your readers and link juices will come naturally.

Search engines push SEO writing to be the more efficient link building method than the traditional link building activities where you sprawl links on different bookmarking sites. If your content is of high quality, then readers will willingly share it on their social networking sites and even write about it. Voila! Instant backlinks!

Don’t forget to optimize your images

In SEO writing, optimization doesn’t stop at the content alone. If you are using images in the content, they should be well optimized, too. Search engines wouldn’t probably link “IMG1234.jpg” to your content.

You have to make sure that your images are optimized by naming it properly. If you are writing about “SEO Company in the Philippines” make sure that the image you use has anything to do with the content. Also, do not forget about the ALT attributes that explain what the image is about. The best practice is to put keywords that are appropriate to the image and the content.

Don’t take outbound links for granted

If you are linking to other sites, or even to the other contents of your sites, make sure that the anchor text contains the keyword phrase of the page it is linking to. It is one of the best practices in SEO writing to make sure that the readers have an idea of what they are clicking, or a heads-up to where they will be redirected to. The links should also be relevant to the content. There’s no point of linking “cheerleading routines” if you are writing about “Web Design and Development in the Philippines.” Get it?

Best practices should only serve as a baseline to start SEO writing. It may differ from other SEO expert’s point of view, but in essence, they are most likely the same. The goal in SEO writing is always to engage, educate, or convert the audience.

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