4 Common SEO Mistakes You Should Get Rid Of

Many people would agree that mistakes in SEO cannot be fully avoided due to the fact that SEO approaches change from time to time. Search engines may decide to roll out algorithms without our knowing; so what works today may not work tomorrow. It’s very important to be familiar with the most common SEO mistakes so that you can either avoid committing them or learn how to easily recover so you will not fall too far behind.

Here are 4 of the most common SEO mistakes:

Title tags not optimized

This is a common mistake most web developers commit. They think that after they launch the website, visitors will start coming. Yes, but there’s no way for search engines to find you. It is very important to optimize the title tag because it is what users see in the SERP.

We see a lot of sites where the title tag is “Home”, “Home Page”, “Welcome to my website”, and they are even repeated on every single page. Unless you want to rank for the keyword “Home” (which is too difficult, by the way), make sure that you use the title that has something to do with your brand, product, or topic. It is ideal to include your keywords near the start of your title tag as much as possible.

Duplicate content

Duplicate content is a BIG NO in SEO. Search engines will flag your site as irrelevant which will result to traffic losses. It confuses search engines which version/s to include or exclude from their indices and they wouldn’t know whether to direct the link metrics such as trust, authority, link juice, among others, to a single page or separate it among the pages which has the duplicate content.

The remedy is to “canonicalize” the multiple pages for search engines by using 301 redirect to the right URL with the ‘rel=canonical’ tag.

404 errors

Having too many 404 errors can tell the search engines that there is a problem with your website. It affects the quality of your site as the external links pointing to them only result in 404 which usually happen after site redesign, discontinued product, among many others. Not taking action against it is just like flushing away your hard-earned backlinks down to the drain.

The best way to solve the issue is, again, using 301 redirects. It is just like receiving a phone call for one of your colleagues that was already transferred to a different department and you transfer the call using the correct extension.

Hiring a substandard SEO

When I say substandard SEO, I’m not talking about black-hat SEO alone. There are SEO companies saying they are using white hat techniques, but the question is: do they work? Venturing into SEO for your business requires you to allocate resources and it should never be put to waste and hiring a crappy SEO can do just that.

Don’t fall for the traps of those who say their services are cheap, because they will just give you what your money is worth, or worse, you’ll end up penalized by search engines because of the crappy methods of the crappy SEO.

What you can do

The list is very long for SEO mistakes but these are the most common. As a site owner or administrator, do some simple checking on your site and even some research on the company you are planning to hire. Look at their track record, and perhaps their client. You can also get a second opinion if you must. Do not let these mistakes ruin your SEO efforts.

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