Choosing the Most SEO-Friendly Platform for your Website

In today’s business and marketing landscape, a website is crucial because it is the first option that customers search for. As a budding business owner, it is paramount that you should invest in a website from the onset of your endeavor.

When it comes to your website, it is important that it should be on top of search engines once a customer searches for your name. In technical terms, this is called Search Engine Optimization or commonly known as SEO. However, don’t expect that once your site is up, it will automatically be on top of search engines. That’s not how it works. For your site to be search engine friendly, it starts from the platform that you are going to use.

The most popular website platforms include WordPress, Joomla, and Blogger. Whichever of these you choose, it will still land in search engines; however, you can optimize your site to skyrocket at No.1 by choosing the most SEO-friendly platform. How, you ask? Read on as we dish out the good news.

Choosing the Most SEO-friendly Web Platform

Majority of web developers assert that WordPress and Blogger are the most SEO-friendly platforms because they are designed multi-type pages and for blogging. This means that in one page (Services page for example), you can put a video; in another page (your Gallery) photos. WordPress automatically puts a title that search engine spiders can easily read. “Spiders” is a software that reads every pages on the Internet. Once these spiders read a good title, they will mark it “good” therefore pushing your site higher in the rankings.

As for Blogger, you have to write your own title and description for every page, photo, or video. Make sure that your title and description includes the keyword that you are aiming for.

Another reason why a lot of digital marketing professionals recommends these two is because it loads fast has better and user-friendly backend interface. This means that if you have limited knowledge about website maintenance, you can tweak it because the buttons and instructions are easy to understand.

Benefits of a SEO-Friendly Website

When you consult a web development company, they usually recommend which platform to use. A SEO-friendly platform is beneficial to your business for different reasons including:

User Satisfaction. Since the platform already sifted the right elements, it results to a fast-downloading and easy to navigate that is viewable in different devices. This attracts user satisfaction. Without these features, your visitors may lose their patience therefore leaving your site.

Increased visibility in Search Engines. Since the title tag and description of your site already fits the standards of search engines, it will have better rankings thus resulting to higher visits and inquiries.

Easy Customization and SEO Elements Retention. You can definitely customize your site no matter what platform you choose. However, there are some platforms that once you redesign, you have to start over with your SEO efforts. If your platform is on a SEO-friendly platform, there’s no need to start from scratch because some of the elements are retained. But, you still need to edit some data on specific pages to ensure that you remain to top of the rankings.

Now that you have an idea why choosing an SEO-friendly platform is important for your business, when it’s time to build your site, don’t forget these reminders from us.