SEO Common Mistakes made with SEO Services

The Internet is one of the biggest industries to get involved with lately, and in order to be successful, you typically need to acquire some SEO services one way or another.

Whether you are providing this to your own business, or whether you are outsourcing these services to another company, you need to make sure you are familiar with the common mistakes made.

If you know the mistakes, you can do your best to correct them and if they do occur, you can spot them quickly and fix them!

Below are a few of the common mistakes made with SEO services:

1) Black Hat SEO services: Unfortunately, there are some shady companies out there. As is with every industry, there are ethical companies and there are some not so ethical companies and the search engine industry is no different.

You definitely need to do your research prior to committing to any company, because unfortunately it is you who will be punished if you used unacceptable techniques!

Some black hat SEO tactics are keyword stuffing (using too many keywords to ‘trick’ the search engines), false reciprocal back linking (promise to return the link but failing to do so), link farms and many more. Unfortunately, these methods have the potential to get you banned from search engines, so be careful.

2) Failing to do the research: You can hire the best SEO services company in the world, but if they don’t do the research (or you don’t do the research), it could be all for nothing and you will have wasted a pretty penny. You need to understand your competitors, and understand your target market.

Only once you do this, will your search engine tactics be successful. How can you expect to pick the right keywords and post on the right blog sites if you don’t know what your customers are searching for? How can you expect to oust your competition if you cannot improve upon their mistakes?

3) Ignoring the optimization of your own site. So you’re getting a lot of visitors to your site? Great! However, if your own site isn’t optimized, you will have a hard time converting your visitors to sales.

If you have a slow load time, your visitors will get impatient and leave, so get rid of any unnecessary videos and large photos. Keep it simple and easy to navigate – if you have a site map, not only will customers be able to find their way around, so will search engine spiders, and this is great! Make sure you maintain fresh and new content so there is something different each time your customers visit!

These are just a few of the mistakes made in SEO services, so make sure you are on the ball and can avoid them!