SEO Evolution: Harder but More Effective

search-engine-optimization-vector_23-2147501090The different online marketing efforts have been in the scene for years now and slowly, most companies see the importance of these tools. One, and probably the most utilized tool, is Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

SEO consists of methodologies wherein certain strategies to implement keywords are used in order to gain high ranks in search engines that will eventually lead to gaining the topmost part in result pages.

As with anything else, SEO has undergone certain changes with regards to its strategies and efforts. In fact, in the earlier days, optimizing pages was easier as there were lesser competition in the internet market. So it will take online marketers only a few drops of sweat to successfully gain the top part in search ranks.

Online marketers used to spam by adding their desired keywords numerous times on their contents in order to be noticed by web crawlers and be on the first page of the result page. Some don’t even care even if the keyword looks a bit off in the article for as long as it is there.

However, with this type of effort, it didn’t do well for internet users who searched for data in the internet as they were exposed to irrelevant contents which made it hard for them to locate the information that they were initially searching for.

This is what brought Google to opt to change its algorithms and standards to combat poor quality content and minimize the use and effectiveness of keywords; especially now that SEO is currently growing more and more as people are more adept to the internet. In fact, there has been an increase in the demand of SEO especially currently as 94% of searchers click organic results such as blog articles according to

Currently, people don’t only use the internet for research as they also use it for entertainment. Some stalk different accounts in social media while some look for a good read. This is why optimization is now all about creating quality content that earns the link and not buys the link back to a site. Seeding is also used in optimization in order to avoid repeating keywords but will still be noticed by web crawlers while blogs are the key to the content game.

Furthermore, as people look for easy-to-understand information, contents that are backed-up with videos and/or info graphics are vital. Also, these days, people are slowly shifting to their mobile phones whenever they want to quick information especially now that people are more on-the-go and in haste to go on with their responsibilities. With that being said, SEO specialists are now required to be adept with mobile SEO wherein nowadays, SEO specialists have to ensure that contents in sites are flexible for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Moreover, the effectiveness and ease to navigate in websites are also one of the factors (although minimal) in search engine results as sites that are more effective and easier to navigate through will have more traffic and have a higher potential to gain high ranks in search engine result pages.

Fortunately for old school specialists, some old strategies still work such as spinning content, paid blog networking and even a bit of spamming. However, if you are one of those who still do old school SEO, keep in mind that Google is stricter so you have to be careful.

On the brighter side, thanks to strict Google regulations in terms of their standards and algorithms, people are now more exposed to relevant sites and contents which will make their search easier while businesses that are more credible will have an edge over those that do not. However, tons of hard work and sweat is needed in order to have successful optimization these days which can be bad news for companies that don’t update their optimization especially since search engines are continuously changing.

Ultimately, the new SEO still involves old school strategies but is now innovated to be more advanced as people and search engines alike are becoming more technical. Search Engine Land stated that the details in new school optimization as well as the rules have changed but generally, there are still strategies that are the same and effective; only, SEO is now a bit harder for online marketers, but it proves to be more effective and more beneficial for most companies and people who are in search of data on products, services and companies alike.