2016 Look Back: Reminiscing about Digital Marketing Bad Habits and Throwing Them Away

Marketing changes overtime as new trends come due to the changes in how customers behave. However, as we all know, old habits die hard. There are still old marketers out there who are traditional with their approach.

As your throwback Thursday, let’s determine how old school marketers do their work and evaluate if you are still one of them. You are an old school marketer (and probably becoming obsolete) if you still believe that:

Spamming and Flooding Still Lives

If you distribute pieces of content to 50 or more free article distribution sites then you are definitely ancient. Nobody would care to read stuff that just shows up in an article directory as people will want to know the author, why you are writing as well as to see what website represents you—furthermore, some want to come across your stuff because a friend of them or someone very popular has pointed them to you.

Choosing Keywords are based only for the ease

Some marketers think that the keywords are just for the ease of ranking so they just think of a phrase that pop in their heads like “customized shirts very nice colors and styles” and utilize this as their target keyword. However, you may win that certain rank but are there really people who are looking for that specific phrase? The problem to some marketers is that they don’t understand that the relevance of the keyword is very important. You need to identify the phrase that your target customers are going to be typing and choose keywords that actually describe your product or service and connect with the people that need you.

Twitter is for getting 1000 followers

Having followers in social media sites is very important but that doesn’t mean that is enough. Old school marketers don’t understand that the point of Twitter and other social media sites is to create a community and engage with prospects and present customers. Search engine algorithms are able to notice the conversations in social media sites and will promote your site higher in the search the more recent, relevant and active it is.

Social Media sites are for the informal

Social media sites are not as informal as you may think. Although it does have a more casual approach, it is one of the medium where you are able to spy on your customers as most would rant or give feedback on social media sites. Also, social media sites can be a channel for you to increase your customer service as whatever happens in social media sites (posts, comments, etc.) are in real-time; so you will be able to know right away if they have a problem or inquiry on your products and services.

Results in internet marketing are fast

In earlier years, it was easy to trick search engines into boosting the ranks for chosen keywords and results could happen fast. However, search engines these days are smarter and spamming and other black hat SEO efforts won’t work anymore. With that, it will take tons of hard work, high quality products and services, excellent content, a very attractive and educating website, and ongoing and responsive conversation with customers, and ample SEO technical understanding to have a relevant and successful campaign.

Some habits just need to be thrown in the cellars in memory lane and are meant to be just memories. The same goes with the aforementioned old-school marketing mindset as these won’t work anymore. When it comes to business, marketers need to study, understand and embrace new trends in order to continuously be successful.