How To Increase Facebook Page Likes?

Creating a new fan page is easy, but dealing with the problem that comes after is tough. Below are the common questions searchers ask in Google:

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As the questions asked above, some are looking for effective ways to increase likes while others are searching for tools or tricks to increase page likes without spending. Here we going to cover some basic tricks:

Spending money on Facebook Ads – Facebook has provided a good platform for users to advertise, this is the easiest and effective way to increase likes. A good marketing strategy with a mixture of both paid and organic way to increase likes.

1. Boost post to increase post visibility (Minimum budget spend is RM3 per day if the user like the post instead of the page, the number of accumulated like will not increase)
2. Promote the page to increase likes (The price slightly higher than boost post, minimum RM4 per day. This is the direct way to increase likes)
3. Promote the website to increase website traffic. (Facebook diverts visitor to your website, suitable for those who plan to increase website traffic)

Buying Fake Likes from third-party providers has too many downsides, although it can instantly increase likes with lesser budget. The number of likes aren’t a measure of Success, you can’t expect conversions from fake likes. Facebook insight has recorded our page activities, the risk to caught by Facebook is high.

The price offer from third party is not always cheaper than Facebook

There’s no such thing as a free package to increase likes, organic strategy often require more time and effort to achieve it. Here are some free ways to increase page likes:

1. Invite friends to likes your page, you may expected high referral.

2. Often share interesting and useful content to Facebook, none your friends or user willing to share a boring content.
3. Integrate likes box or likes button to your website.

4. Promote your page address in name card, brochure, email signature.
5. Offline promotion e.g. likes the page to redeem gift.
6.Cross promotion to other social media e.g. twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and google+. Facebook has a build in function to sync Facebook post to twitter, this feature help to extend audience and follower.

7. Understand how edge rank work. If a user have 1000 friends and he has likes 500 pages, without algorithm filtering feed message, his timeline could be overwhelming with thousand over irrelevant post. Edge rank is a robots algorithm to cut post reach, for example a post with an external link is likely to reach lesser audience compare to text or photo. If more mutual friend likes the post, the post likely to visible in the user timeline.