What Is Adwords Dynamic Search Ads (DSA)?


An interview with Google staff, on a daily basis approximately 15% of user searches are never seen before by Google search.

The unknown keywords are potential to create additional traffic and conversion for a business. When dealing with Adwords search ads, many users have no idea on what keywords to target, they often lack knowledge to optimize Adwords Adrank. To add all new keyword manually is not possible, automated keyword research and targeting is needed, that is why dynamic search ads (DSA) comes in place to handle the missing keywords.

Dynamic Search Ads uses Google’s crawling technology to index and study the entire website content, from there the system algorithm serve the most relevant ads to users.

How to create dynamic search ads?

Create Adwords campaign

Create ads group and then select auto target option. To target entire website keywords, select use all webpages. This is a good strategy to target broad search.


Setup ads target

To target specific page URL, content or category, use specific webpages (advanced). This way can limit Adwords to served irrelevant ads to searches.

Create ads
Instead of creating multiple headline and ads by yourself, you give control to Google to dynamically generate the headline and select landing page. Your work is minimized to fill up description and URL.


DSA is good a tool, but it requires active monitoring on negative keywords. Negative keywords are important to prevent your ad to target irrelevant keywords and minimized unnecessary budget spend.