Actionable Online Reputation Management Tips

Online Reputation Management Practical Tips
Anyone who would hear bad feedback about them, especially when it results to losing the trust of others, would have their hearts broken. This goes to businesses and famous icons as well, especially since they would lose loyal clients or fans—which, in most cases, losing their trust would be the bane of their existence.

With that being said, it is important to create and keep a positive online reputation. In order to do so, here are some simple practices:

Proactive rather than Reactive

Proactive for online reputation management
Be active with keeping your website or blogs on top of any negative remarks by a good SEO campaign. Don’t wait for negative feedbacks to show before you do so. Think ahead and make sure that you would always be on top even before any bad publicity or remarks towards your brand. That way, if people do see a glimpse of bad feedbacks but those that are positive are still on top of search engines, then they would probably just shove off the negative ones.

Another way of being proactive is to intercept the possibilities and challenges that you might encounter in the future and come up with a good game plan to get rid of those as early as possible.


Innovation for online reputation management
Do something that would be liked by your audience. You don’t expect them to just instantly like you without showing them what’s likeable. Steve Jobs didn’t build new and innovative products just for the heck of it. Build a sense of prestige around your product or service so consumers would be attracted and would see you as the top of your field.

Being innovative requires a lot of creativity to be able to create something that will stand out among your competitors. This will be the Unique Value Proposition of your brand or content.

Be Charitable

charity for online reputation management
Give back what you were given. Keep in mind that without your fans or your clients, you wouldn’t be in the position that you are in. So share your blessings! You don’t have to go all-out like a multi-billionaire; small charitable acts would go a long way. Not only would it give positive feedbacks, you would have that soft tingly feeling in your heart that you would often get when you do a good deed.

Providing a free ebook for your subscribers or providing something that your competitors don’t provide is enough for your audience to remember you. That way, you don’t only keep a good relationship with your customers, it can also be a boost to your online reputation.

Care about your Customers

Customer care for online reputation management
As stated above, without your customers, you are nothing. So be mindful when it comes to heeding their concerns. Don’t just ignore them when they are inquiring something or when they are having trouble. Otherwise, expect a bad feedback. Take the Walt Disney Company for example, they have always put their customers before profit and look where they are now.

Caring about your customers is also a part of being proactive in managing your brand online. Always remember that your customer feedback can be the defining factor whether you are doing the right thing or not.

Aggressive Branding

Aggressive branding for online reputation management
Branding would improve your online visibility by putting your brand “out there;”. However, there’s no magic when it comes to getting your brand exposed to your target audience. It requires a lot of work and strategies before your branding campaign become successful.

Responding to feedbacks

feedback for online reputation management
The most obvious strategy is probably responding to negative feedbacks. It is important to do so because in that way, customers would feel that they are important to you and that you are really willing to help. Responding to negative feedbacks is not an easy task cause you need to both addressed the issue and at the same time give the customer the assurance that the same issue will not happen in the future.

Reversed SEO

Reverse SEO for online reputation management
If websites with negative articles about you are on top of your website and blogs, then it’s time to do some reversed SEO. It can be done by launching a publication, blog, or anything that will outrank or push the the negative content down the SERP. It is ideal to bring down the said content up to the 3rd page of Google where very few search engine users are coming to. You might want to consider link acquisition to be able to strengthen your assets in the search.

Achieving a good online reputation management is not rocket science; all it would take is openness to your customers together with a good attitude to show an excellent service. Don’t wait for heart to be broken by bad mouths; have positive attitude even before bad publicity shows so your customers would be loyal to you and would just ignore negative feedbacks.