5 Common Web Design Misconceptions

A website is a powerful tool that can be used in a variety of ways. It has gained popularity over the years especially for businesses because it serves as the non-sleeping online marketer of a brand or product. However, in order to drive traffic and increase sales, it must be well-optimized. If you are venturing into online marketing, think about these common misconceptions about web design.

Visitors will come once the site goes live

Just because you have a well-built and beautifully designed website doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get traffic in an instant. Traffic is earned, and it is best if it comes naturally from search engines because it signifies that your website is searchable.

This is where search engine optimization enters the big jigsaw puzzle. It is the task of SEOs to optimize your website to ensure its organic or paid visibility on the search engines with the use of standard optimization methods. You can also gain traffic by simply talking about your website on your social media accounts, promote your website through the traditional advertising such as print media, signage, to mention a few.

Beauty is equal to bounty

Beautiful website design is great. But what’s greater is the ability to combine good design with good functionality. Great design should consider the target market, user needs and business goals. The end result should be a visually appealing website but the foundation should be sound web design principles and best practices. Your website should make the user feel good and make it easy for them to say “yes” to whatever it is you offer.

Traffic is all you need

Oops! No! Let’s say you have a pretty website but if your site is not compelling, users will leave. Traffic doesn’t define your site’s success. The important thing is to lead your users down to the conversion funnel and make a sale. Your website should be engaging that would make your users come back or make them share your website on their social networks. Boring websites don’t make the cut. Your content should be enjoyable that users would want to share it on their social networking profiles.

Branding is useless

Say that to the big brands in the world. Imagine everyone having the same logo, same color scheme, same tag line. The advertising industry would be crippled. Branding keeps brands apart. It allows a brand to have an identity separated from others. It gives individuality and distinctiveness to a product. You would know that a white letter “f” in a blue background is Facebook. People know that a swoosh belongs to nike. Your brand is your story and it is one of the powerful tools in the online society. Your website should build your brand to efficiently channel the message your business is trying to get across.

Social media profiles are all you need

Don’t be fooled by the promise of social media. Yes, they are important especially Facebook, Twitter, to mention a few, because they have a big user base and they can drive a lot of traffic to your site. People are into social media these days, but having a dedicated website or blog is essential for online marketing. A dedicated website gives you flexibility in terms of the content customization.

You also have the ownership and control over what you post while on social media, many people do not realize that the policies could be changed anytime resulting for half of your posts removed. Well, it hasn’t happened yet but because of the recent updates, lots of features that marketers used gradually disappeared. Do not rely on social media. With the use of your website, you can create compelling content with stunning user experience. Having a dedicated website for your business is the key.

A website, if used properly, can spark your online success as it offers countless possibilities. At Poxse Digital Marketing, we create visually appealing websites combined with an optimized user experience designed to meet our clients’ business goals.