Adwords: Organization For A Better Ad Campaign

Google recommends organizing your campaigns to better advertise to your consumers. It will also make things easier on you to have all your campaigns organized.

There are several organization methods to assist in advertising to consumers. One way is to group your campaigns by location. If you are a small restaurant in Malaysia, you wouldn’t want to waste time and money by advertising to people in California.

Luckily, you can set up your Adword campaign to target users in Malaysia. You can even target specific cities for better targeting.

Each computer is given an IP address by an Internet Service Provider.

If the user’s IP address is in Malaysia, just searching for the term “restaurant” is likely to show your advertisement because it is targeted to the said location. Of course your advertisement still should also show up if properly keyword matched with a search of ‘Malaysia restaurants.’ Another way to organize ad campaigns could be through the product lines.

For example, if you sell athletic products you could have one campaign for tennis rackets and another campaign for baseball bats. This would help you organize while narrowing your advertisements to the specific target audiences. You can also organize your advertisements by brand names.

However, if your brand name isn’t well known, I might suggest that you first advertise by focusing on the product/service. When your consumer has brand recognition, then you can target more using the brand name.

Some organizational methods help make things easier on you. One method is to organize based on the budget of your advertisements. This will help you to stay on budget and not overspend. You can also organize advertisements in groups based on where you are advertising them or based on your call to action.

There isn’t one correct way to go about this process. However, the more organized your campaigns are, the easier your job will become, and the more successful your campaigns will be.