Google Keyword Tool: How to Segregate Keywords Using Spreadsheet

How to segment keywords
Google Keyword Planner has been the go-to tool when it comes to keyword research for both Pay-Per-Click and Search Engine Optimization.

SEO and digital marketing practitioners rely heavily on this tool to determine the best keywords with high ROI for their campaigns and it proves over and over again that Google Keyword Tool is still the best when it comes to keyword prospecting.

On this article I will show you how you can easily segment your keywords using a spread. This way you can save time in analyzing your keywords.

Without further ado, here’s how.

Log in to your Google Keyword Planner account

Please keep in mind that you need to have an active PPC campaign in order to see the data that this tool provides.

List down your prospect keywords or simply let the tool give you keyword ideas by entering one of your target keywords.

You can add as many keywords as you wish. After having your keywords sorted, copy them into a notepad or whatever word processor tool you want.

Click the modify search button located beside the search bar and choose “Get search volume and data trends” option.

modify search button for keyword research
Then copy and paste your prospect keywords and hit “Get search volume” button. After getting the result, you can now download the keywords.

Download keywords from google keyword planner
Before you download, make sure to check the “Segment statistics by month” and save it in CSV format. This will show you the average search volume that a certain keyword is getting month by month.

You can also set the keyword volume time range to whatever you want. But for better result, I’d love setting it to past one year. This will enable me to see the the number of searches per month in one year.

download keywords and segment them
After downloading open your CSV file and you will see your keywords and search volume per month. On this example I only downloaded five keywords.

But let’s assume that you downloaded hundreds of keywords and you want them to be sorted. What you can do to segment it easily is to highlight the keywords by row or column. After highlighting, press and hold ALT+D+F+F.

keyword segmentation
After pressing the shortcut, you will see little arrows beside the header of each row. That serves as your sorting tool. You just have to click the arrow and choose how you want the data to be sorted.

The good thing about it is it automatically adjusts depending on the value of the row. For example, if you want to sort the keywords from A-Z, you just have to click the arrow on the keyword row and choose “Sort from A-Z”.

If you want to sort the  keywords from highest to lowest search volume, just click arrow beside the average monthly searches row and choose “Sort from highest to lowest”.

Good thing about this method is you can easily segment the keywords to whatever value you want and will enable you to choose the most profitable keywords for your campaign.