Statistical Reasons Why Businesses Should Have a Mobile Friendly Website

Statistical Reasons Why Businesses Should Have a Mobile Friendly Website
If you think mobile SEO is a waste of time, these 2015-2016 statistics will prove you wrong!

If you think your business is doing well without having a mobile friendly website, you are not aware of what you are missing.

Mobile SEO has changed the landscape of doing search engine optimization.

In the past, SEO practitioners are more focused in doing on page optimization for desktop users. Now is a lot more different since the addition of mobile technology.

You can’t just win the search ranking race by optimizing for desktop users. You need to incorporate mobile optimization in order to deliver traffic and conversions to your website.

However, in spite of these recent updates, many business owners are still not aware of the benefits that mobile SEO yields.

Most of them still think that having a website is good and it stops there.

That is why, for the benefit of those small and medium businesses, here are some of the statistics from 2015-2016 that will prompt you to make your website mobile friendly.

1. Mobile users visit local store within 5 miles
statistics of local search engine consumers
Ranking in local search is a vital advantage for business owners especially if they have a mobile friendly website. Mobile users tend to use their mobile devices in reaching out to the nearest store within their area.

2. More mobile users are using search engines
mobile consumer said they are doing a search engine search
Apart from searching locally, search engine users use smartphones. As one of the easiest ways to access the internet, mobile devices are being used more often.

3. Users won’t recommend websites that aren’t mobile friendly
consumer said websites without mobile features are bad
It’s very obvious that a website that is not offering a good mobile experience won’t get referrals from its past visitors. Eventually it will hurt the site’s ability to convert visitors into leads, or worse sales.

4. Consumers visit local stores a day after after researching
50 of consumers visit a store within a day of their local search on a smartphone
And majority of them are mobile users. They visit store 24 hours or less after making a research online. And most of the most visited store have mobile friendly websites.

5. Chances of making a sales from a mobile user is higher
18 of local smartphone searches led to a purchase within
Because of the user experience that a mobile friendly website can provide for smartphone users, there’s a higher chance of converting that visitor into a lead or sales.

6. Smartphone users have easier access to information
1 in 3 smartphone searches were made right before a store visit
Because of the convenience mobile devices can provide, smartphone users can easily access information whenever they want and wherever they are. That led to the rising demand in local searches before visiting a store.


Mobile SEO and local search work hand in hand. And Google loves websites that both user and search engine friendly in every way – especially with mobile.

So if you think your website is not optimized for mobile, go hire someone who can make adjustments and get your website ready for mobile users.