What Is CDN (Content Delivery Network) Hosting?

Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network (CDN) is a server setup which allows for faster, more efficient delivery of your media files on a website. Those media files also known as statics files e.g. images, video, CSS, JS, pdf.

The Internet Challenge

Lately, one of the readers ask a question “our company website has been upgrading from a shared hosting to dedicated hosting, why the website still slow in some regions, how to improve it?”

The web hosting we subscribe from hosting company is not serving the speed equally to all region, how fast to deliver content from localhost to a far distance region is a great challenge.

To explain in detail, we run a test with http://www.cus8.com/. The server provider is Exabytes, hosted in Malaysia. The result indicates Singapore and other Asia Pacific region have lower Ping rate compare to America and Europe region. The internet terminology is working exactly like logistic companies that deliver parcels to the nearer region via far region.

Test result from Super-Ping

Test result from LocaPing

When visitors are closer to Malaysia server it takes shorter response time, but visitors from America and Europe take a longer time to see a page load.


How CDN Work?
Web page files are stored on servers around the world so that they are closer to where they are being requested. Therefore speeding up the process.

Without CDN – all visitors around the world request the content from the same server, increase server load.

With CDN – visitors request the content from the closer server, it reduce the server load.

Why CDN Is A Better Solution?

  • Content loads faster, all static files will be mirroring to several region, visitor traffic redirect to nearest server.
  • Less stress on your server, balance traffic load to various number of servers
  • Improve the search engine ranking, site speed is one of the major factors in search engine algorithms.
  • Better customer experience, users no longer waiting long time to see the blank page.
  • Increase conversion, reduce bounce rate and traffic packet loss