Tools to Leverage on Mobile Marketing for Your Business

Tools to Leverage on Mobile Marketing for your Business
Gone are the days where we called an operator to leave a message on beepers. Nowadays, cell phones are so high tech that it’s even become a mini computer. Furthermore, people these days often find themselves checking their phones for updates, text messages, e-mails, information, to play games or watch videos. In fact, according to, studies show that on average, people check their phones at least 34 times a day.

With phones’ ability to function like computers and it becoming so handy compared to decades ago, more and more people use their mobile phones to browse the Internet. In fact, according to Pew Internet, in 2012, 88% of U.S adults own a cell phone and 55% of those use it to browse the Web. Furthermore, 31% said that they mostly go online using their mobile phones. In addition, according to Marketing Land, 78% of people who use their smart phones and Android phones check their email, 73% browse the Web and 70% check their Facebook.

Also, the rise of PC tablets, such as iPad and Galaxy Tab, has taken place a few years ago. These tablets prove to be handy as people can take them anywhere without the hassle of having to carry something heavy such as their laptop since their tablets already functions like computers. In 2012, studies from show that people who use their tablets often send or check email (65%) and get news (64%) weekly.

With all those facts, we can say that people who use their smartphones are always on-the-go, turning to their portable gadgets not only to communicate, but to also gather information and browse the Web. Therefore, it would be a good marketing strategy for businesses to also target these potential consumers by having “mobile friendly” tactics such as creating a responsive website—meaning, it will load easily on phones and tablets. Furthermore, you can also do e-mail and SMS marketing.

It would be best for you to explore the advantages that gadgets have in terms of widening your businesses’ opportunity for marketing. To help you start off, here are three of the best mobile marketing tools that you can use to reach your on-the-go clients:


MailChimp is a software used for email marketing as one of its features includes the ability to send an email to many recipients with just one click. Currently, MailChimp has added a number of mobile features that allow you to view your email campaign stats, see who is tweeting about you and manage your list and subscribers from your phone. Furthermore, it also offers mobile-friendly templates for your newsletters so your campaign will still look good from your customers’ mobile devices.

MailChimp offers a free plan (2,000 subscribers and up to 12,000 emails per month) that includes all of these mobile-friendly features and more.

Red Stamp

Red Stamp gives you the opportunity to easily send invitation or thank you cards virtually. It is like your modern day social secretary that you can use to show your customers or clients some appreciation and thoughtfulness. Now, Red Stamp has just launched a “create your own collection” that can enable small businesses to create and send customized, branded letterhead, business cards, notes, invitations and announcements to both phones and desktop devices.

According to Red Stamp, their customers are landing new clients by sending customized thank you notes as well as sharing visual, branded and real-time conversations.


Of course, Facebook may be the most obvious tool to use with the wide numbers of people utilizing this social media site.

According to IDC’s recent Facebook usage research, smartphone users check their Facebook an average of 14 times per day so it would do your company good if you are active in this social media site.

Just like ideas, your business should not only be seen in a box. For you to become a leader of the pack, you should explore other avenues wherein you can reach more audience—and going mobile is the next big step. So as early as today, invest in optimizing your website.