What Is Google Page Speed Algorithm?

While writing the past article what is Google mobile-friendly algorithm, we noticed our website speed was not fast enough. After several fixing, we managed to improve the page score from 87 to 97.

Page Speed or site speed algorithm is a web search ranking signal in which a website with faster loading speed is more likely to rank than a slower website.

Is page speed a more important factor for mobile sites? Head of Google’s Webspam team, Matt Cutts explains site speed is equally important to both desktop and mobile. However, users often expected a site loading within the reasonable time.

Is your website fast enough? Let’s do a test:

1. Google PageSpeed – Google official tool

Mobile score

Desktop score

2. WebPagetest – an open source tool developed and supported by Google. The tool comes with many great features, including overall site performance analysis, content breakdown, site loading in waterfall view and archive site history.

3. GTmetrix – a popular third party tool, the score metrics combined of Google Page Speed and Yahoo YSlow.

4. Pingdom – Another popular third party tool, the test report is similar to webpagetest.org but less complex.

5. YSlow – Yahoo official tool, this is a non-web base analyzing tool. To run the test, users require download and add-on to their browser.