How to Empower your Small Business in Malaysia with Digital Marketing – Best Practices

Are you trying to create and implement high impact strategies but don’t have a big budget? Do not worry, we will provide you with all the advice and strategies on how to Empower your SME with Digital Marketing , so that you can achieve the best results without investing too much money.

One of the main problems is being able to carry out efficient and ingenious actions without involving a high cost. That is why we believe that the main thing is to take advantage of the resources and tools available to optimize your Online Marketing Plan.

Steps to Empower your SME with Digital Marketing

How to invest in Digital Marketing

If you have an SME and you are an entrepreneur you will have faced a lack of budget to invest in issues such as marketing. It is a priority to keep in mind the needs of the clients, since the strategies offered must be aimed at optimizing budgets as much as possible, they must be directed at specific or well-targeted targets, and they must be in the short or medium term.

The main advice you can be given is to create value: satisfy the needs of your customers and encourage you to exceed their expectations. This is essential if you are looking to position yourself in a highly competitive market, to attract and retain customers. It will also allow you to differentiate yourself from the competition and reinforce the loyalty of your users.

This is an essential element to enhance your SME with Digital Marketing.

What should you keep in mind when designing a strategy to enhance your SME with Digital Marketing?

The first thing you must define is your target market, which customers will you target. This will allow you to plan a successful strategy that allows you to adapt your offer to the habits, customs, values ​​and needs of your clients.

Then you should consider what your value proposition is. Positioning your brand implies thinking about what makes your product or service differentiable, so that they choose you and not the competition. Once you decide who you are targeting and how you will offer a better experience, consider the resources and time you have to execute your actions. 

Key Factors to Boost your Digital Marketing Strategy

Strategy is the art and science of choosing target markets and designing beneficial relationships with them. As the owner of an SME, it is very likely that you do not have a Marketing department at your disposal.

If you decide to implement Email Marketing within your online strategy , we present the concepts and actions necessary to make decisions that allow you to efficiently develop a Marketing Plan for your SME using little budget:


Your identity is the first thing you must define in order to communicate it both online and offline. You must know who you are, what your identity is, what your values, mission, vision, what you want to communicate and how you will present yourself to your clients.

Your brand is not only the name but also represents the values ​​of your SME or business, so it must be well thought out and established.

Try to give it personality, make it very clear for your audience to understand with your brand who you are and why you are there. To enhance your SME with Digital Marketing you can set your priorities on how you would like to be seen, and who is your target customer.


Each business has a history, however it is not always known by customers and even by the employees themselves. Error! Storytelling in Marketing means telling the story and the origins of your business to generate an emotional connection with your customers.

Regardless of the size of your SME, knowing how to tell stories and anecdotes is an important factor to humanize your brand and that it is easily remembered. These can be expressed in different ways and in different formats, be it images of the founders, videos of the first office or stories about the obstacles overcome, among others.

As John Sadowsky, a consultant and expert speaker in communication and leadership, rightly maintains, telling autobiographical stories allows you to reach the hearts and minds of others with the power of example.

Do not forget that to enhance your SME with Digital Marketing you must develop a strategy regarding the content you will develop and the value it will have for your audience.


In your marketing strategy you must take into account the customer experience throughout the cycle, from the moment you buy or acquire your product, to the after-sales service. You have to add value to your experience to be remembered positively.

In Email Marketing Campaigns, the generation of trust bonds is one of the greatest benefits. In addition to being a simple, easy-to-use and low-cost tool, you can improve relationships with your community and offer them something beyond the product, activating customer loyalty.

Always think about what you can improve to empower your SME with Digital Marketing, and work daily to know closely what your client needs and how you can solve their problems effectively, real and honestly.


The co-marketing or partnership, very fashionable, is an agreement between two or more complementary brands to work together doubling its marketing efforts in order to increase sales and boost their image.

Today, many businesses and SMEs have chosen to partner with online coupon companies to offer their products at a lower cost but on a massive level. This can be a great way to reach a new audience that perhaps you couldn’t have reached otherwise.

In Digital Marketing it is very common to be able to make strategic alliances that allow both companies to enhance their capacity, value and positioning.


The Corporate Social Responsibility has to do with the active and voluntary contribution to social, economic and environmental improvement. Beyond being an SME, always add that you care about the well-being of the community in which you carry out your activity. It is a way to transmit a positive image of who you are and what you do and position yourself in the best possible way.

What are the Best Actions to Empower your SME with Digital Marketing?

When planning a Digital Marketing Action, keep in mind the following tactics and tools that you can use:


Your website is the business card of your company on the Internet. It is very important that it contains relevant and updated information, that it offers a subscription form  to receive more information and that it allows you to win a database.

Do not forget that it is Responsive, that is, it can adapt to any type of screen, be it a tablet, laptop or mobile phone. It is also important to know who are the visitors of your site and what they do in it to control their statistics. You can do it with tools like Google Analytics.


Having a blog is also important. It is the ideal way to offer content of interest to your users and position your company as a benchmark in a certain sector. Also if you integrate it with social media actions you can increase the impact and the arrival of your content.

Keep in mind the keywords and link building to improve the visibility of your website and blog in the organic results of the different search engines.

Basically, to enhance your SME with Digital Marketing you must be very careful in the step by step, especially when creating and publishing content. Use tools like a CRM that allow you to organize yourself very well and not leave any detail in oblivion.

The Blog is an excellent way to attract new visitors and to make yourself known, without being an invader on the user’s screen. On the contrary, with the use of SEO and pieces of content that clearly respond to the needs of your audience, you will be able to drive and grow your company organically.

 Email Marketing + Landing Pages.

Various studies position email as the most effective communication channel that is fully measurable and generates optimal results in online marketing actions.

With Email Marketing you can communicate directly and quickly with your clients saving time and costs. You can also segment your target audience according to various criteria and customize your shipments to increase the effectiveness of your actions.

In turn, the Landing Pages or Landing Pages can promote the growth of your database, allowing your users to fill out a form in exchange for valuable content.

Of course, the reason for publishing a Landing Page is because although you will offer a unique and original piece, you are also looking for something in return and that something is about data such as name, email, and some more specific information that you want to have.

To develop your campaigns, it is worth promoting strategies to attract new leads and then convert them into customers. Truly, it is one of the fundamental reasons to empower your SME with Digital Marketing.

And that’s not all! If you decide to integrate Social Media to your campaigns, you can enhance the reach of your message and generate more traffic to your website and blog.

With this duo you will increase your database for your business and your sales, since the possibility of subscribing, buying or downloading your content is only a click away.

Social networks.

If you decide to be on Social Networks you must be willing to share, listen and generate conversation that serves both parties. They are a great means of communication and loyalty that helps increase branding, improve relationships and generate external links that lead to your site or blog.

There are different networks and each one has a different format, so you have countless ways to reach your audience and transmit what you do through text, images, videos and more.


If you bet on empowering your SME with Digital Marketing, the most important thing is that you be encouraged to use your imagination and creativity.

More than anyone else, you know the market, business and the clients that you have as an SME and you know what the Subscribers of your Campaigns have.

Through Digital Marketing you can develop very efficient and valuable strategies to position and strengthen your brand identity before your audience.

Don’t be one more, dare to innovate and be different! Follow these tips, apply your own Marketing strategy and you will get great results at a low cost.