Marketing Tips for Companies During the Covid-19

Given the complicated health situation that we are going through in our society due to the Coronavirus and the long duration that this process will have until it returns to normal.

There is no other choice but to adapt companies to the new situation, try to innovate and take advantage of confinement, in order to improve many business aspects, which will be the key to coming out stronger in the future.

This has made marketing more critical than ever for many companies. Much of this marketing needs to be in line with current events, situation and needs.

On the other hand, it must be appreciated that people spend more time at home (voluntarily or due to movement restrictions) and connect to the Internet more frequently.

Here are some essential Marketing actions to carry out during the Coronavirus:

Show customer support

Given the complicated economic situation due to Coronavirus, we should focus mainly on how we can help customers and offer possible solutions, rather than trying to promote or try to sell more. This may turn against us.

We can choose, depending on the capacity of the companies, to make donations or offer services or products to people who need help. It will improve our image and public relations.

Staying connected on social media

People use their social media accounts more than ever, during difficult times. Internet use has increased dramatically in the past month. And social media is now the preferred form of communication, for most people.

This special connection option with our regular or potential clients can be very useful, so that they analyze and value the content that you can share, and they are likely to remember your name more than other times, even if they have never paid attention or used your services before.

Improve the SEO of your website

As we have mentioned, we are in a situation where efforts must be invested in optimizing our content and improving the SEO of our website, especially to improve our ranking in the face of regular competition and to emerge stronger for the future.

Search engines continually change their search engine algorithms, so we must continue working and maintaining our web positioning. Just as development teams must keep the websites optimized, so that they remain agile and users quickly access content.

Redirect content to current events

The coronavirus today, and much to our regret, is great news. So it makes sense that a lot of people are talking about it, going online for more information, and even buying relevant products to protect themselves.

This has presented a unique opportunity for companies in certain essential sectors to boost their sales, including improving customer relationships and loyalty.

We see that with new technology tools, large volumes of data can be analyzed online, to identify who is reading the coronavirus content and what type of content they are reading.

With all this relevant information, you can segment your target audience based on the topics or keywords that interest them, to offer relevant content for a more accurate conversion.

Adapt offers to circumstances

Successful sellers move quickly and adapt to circumstances. There is little point in continuing marketing as normal if consumers are unable or unwilling to purchase their regular products at this time.

So we must readjust the offers to current needs and even as we have observed these weeks, many companies have converted their production to meet the social demand for medical devices.

Even so we see especially in many media as they continue to publish product announcements that will take us a long time to enjoy.

Importance of Analyzing Analytics Data

Now it is more important than ever to closely monitor marketing data, analyze trends and adapt content to constant changes.

Thanks to teleworking and long hours at home, we can continue to keep many of the pending actions active with the data obtained in Analytics or adapt our content to current demand, guiding them to motivate and offer interesting content, which in normal daily activity, sometimes they do not have the relevance and repercussion that is sought as an objective.

Planning post-coronavirus strategies

Just because you are confined does not mean you cannot plan possible projects or strategies to implement once the Coronavirus crisis comes to an end.

Many marketers complain that they are always busy and don’t have time to do things, such as analyzing the performance of their website and checking their SEO.

Now is the ideal time to plan your future in marketing strategies, such as recovering the productivity of a business and obtaining operating profits.

Focus on multi-channel communication

It is important before the different casuistry that may happen in this current situation in a company regarding production, logistics, marketing, technical service, etc

Properly inform customers in different situations, address their doubts or questions, through multichannel communication, either through your website, email, social networks, automatic notifications or other joint options. Such an approach will bring consumers into closer and closer contact with a brand.

Loyalty to important clients

Now more than ever it is essential to keep the most important customers and above all more involved with our brand, who continue to trust us and will continue to invest in our resources or products, beyond the period of crisis.

It is important to adapt the offer to the circumstances and it is better to maintain the basic resources that companies need and support certain clients, than to permanently lose them because their economic situation is temporarily unsustainable.

Use Pay Per Click Advertising

It probably depends on the business sector, but now could be the perfect time to increase pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. There are more people than ever on the Internet, giving you a greater chance that your ads will appear in the best search results we want.

Above all because some of the main sectors that usually occupy the priority sectors in the different channels are being quite damaged by the current situation, since they will not be able to operate for several months.


It is clear that we live in an unusual situation with the Coronavirus, but we must continue working and analyzing different strategies to follow, to keep our marketing activity active, especially at the digital level and take advantage of the confinement, the large number of people who are connected in Internet.

This is one of the reasons why it is necessary to keep our website updated and revised, keep updating the social network pages. It is easier to maintain them than to start again when this health crisis ends.