Five Ways to Fund your Start-Up Business

Five Ways to Fund your Start-Up Business
Being your own boss and starting your own business is perhaps a dream that everyone has thought of occasionally. It is a very positive idea, especially to someone who is always frustrated with their jobs or boss. There are many reasons why people want to have their own business, but the hardest part is where to get the funding. For one, you can save all your money but it will take you years before your dreams become a reality; thank god because there are many other ways on how you can get funds to make your dream a reality.

Below are some of the ways on how you can finance your own start-up business:

Banking Loans

The most obvious way to get funds is to apply for a bank loan. However, banks don’t give away loans just like that! Otherwise, there would be tons of nonsense businesses all over. Banks often look at your business plan and if it solid and viable, if you have collateral and in some cases, your credit score to see if you are capable of repaying them in the future.

Asset-based Lending

Asset-based loans work the same way as a mortgage where you borrow money against an existing possession and if you can’t meet your obligations, the asset is repossessed. Asset-based financing can be extremely useful for a company who is desperate for cash. But beware of the repercussions, though.

Crowd Funding

Indiegogo, Kickstarter and GoFundMe are crowd funding sites where you can raise money by asking for pledges from the public. However, this may not always work as businessmen do this for charity projects and it may not work for any business; but still, it is worth trying, especially if your business is one of a kind.


Having a partner helps spread out the financial burden. Furthermore, there are also other advantages with having a partner because he/she can also help you with operations and management. As they say, two heads are better than one!

Blood Money

If you want to keep everything simple, well, turn to your family for support. If they have money to spare and are willing to give or loan you some, ask them to be an investor. Relatives and loved ones are more likely to trust you with their money than an outsider so they will probably demand lower interests than other loans.

There are other ways to gain financing for your business, so don’t limit your options. However, the suggestions above are the easiest ways for you to try so might as well do it, right? Either way, stay focus and good luck to your endeavor!