Creativity is the Key: How to Make your Content Marketing Work

With everybody wanting to establish their own business and become their own boss, reaching out to your target market has been very competitive since almost everything that you can think of is already available. With that, every businessman looks for ways in order to successfully tap their customers and bury their competitors by being on top. The most recent changes in marketing are those that are online which consists of search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, online reputation management, branding, pay-per-click and many more.

However, the common denominator that makes these approaches successful is good content—which is why it is imperative to have a good content marketing plan. Content Marketing is the creation of content and sharing it to attract and convert prospect clients into customers that will hopefully become repeat buyers.

Content marketing is a big deal for companies as it does not only attract customers but also helps with gaining traffic and building links that would eventually give a company’s website the topmost rank in search engines. With that, they appear more trustworthy to potential customers and can be easily found by people looking for their service or product. This is why companies strive to have a successful content marketing.

However, a recent study by Content Marketing Institute shows that in 1,400 companies, only 36% stated that their content marketing is successful. That is awfully low considering the number of companies using this strategy.

It is possible that their contents are not interesting enough or cannot be shared in the eyes of their target audience, thus leading to low share percentage. However, there are still companies whose content are only about them; this is not an effective method. So what is the key to creating a good content worth sharing? Creativity!

There are various ways to be creative with your content.

Be Trivial

People don’t want advertising when making purchasing decisions, they want valuable information; hence, make something that they may not know of—something fun and educational that would make them say “Oh Wow! I learned something new today!” By doing so, people will have an impression that you know what you are talking about—this creates rapport. A bunch of “did you know” content for your social media accounts and blogs can really catch the eyes of your audience.

Be Personal

Hit your readers’ personal spot by including situations that they can relate to. For example, you are trying to convince them to work from their homes instead of the office. By talking about why it is frustrating to travel from home to office or why it is annoying to have a demanding boss would make them stop and think “yeah, this guy has a point.” If you can achieve that, you would surely convince your customers to purchase your product and service without having to directly sell it to them.

Be Narrative

A narrative content is always a hit to readers. It does not have to be a true story, just realistic enough that they can relate to it. It can also be something you’ve experienced that you can connect with your product or service. For example, you are a real estate agent who happens to be an immigrant as well; you can tell them about your experience as an immigrant and tell them why you have no regrets. This way, you can possibly convince them to move and if luck is moving on your favor, they would probably inquire about the houses that you sell.

Be Funny

Of course, being authoritative will really make a good impression amongst your audience but it doesn’t that you have to be boring. Insert it with witty comments or insights to avoid sounding dull especially if your content is long. Being informative and funny will surely capture the attention of your readers.

Content marketing is very effective which is why every company should adopt this method. However, writers and company owners alike should keep in mind that useful and attractive content are the most shared; write for them, not you. With these tips, your readers are sure to enjoy your content.