Six Stages of an Effective Contextual Advertising Campaigns on the Internet

Traditionally, in the contextual advertising campaigns on the Internet, advertisers place three main types of tasks:

* An increase in sales of goods or services;
* Involvement of the target audience for your project;
* Branding in narrow niches

Regardless of the selected tasks in the table-book advertising company Begun in establishing and implementing the campaign in the service of contextual advertising are encouraged to adhere to the six main stages to ensure that advertising has become an effective tool to address advertising challenges.

1. Define the target audience of contextual advertising – To carry out an effective advertising campaign is necessary to know the target audience of the sold goods or services. From the audience choice will depend on a large number of parameters, such as theme areas, temporal and geographic targeting.

2. Choose tools for the campaign. – Depending on the above targets of advertising campaigns need to select the tools with which to be implemented a contextual ad campaign. Thus, for the growth of sales, you can choose the search contextual advertising and contextual ads in the ad network, to improve brand recognition – the media context. If the sales of “linked” to order over the phone (eg, pizza delivery or taxi), it makes sense to use the contextual call.

To select a tool no clear rules, in each case the most effective may be another option. And of course, correct and optimized campaign will be successful, regardless of the instrumentation.

3. Allocate budget – Depending on the size of allocated budget will change strategy and tactics of the contextual ad campaign. The level of competition in the theme selected for the second phase of financial instruments and to determine the level of required resources.

4. Choose keywords for contextual advertising campaigns – From choosing your keywords, at large, will determine the success of advertising campaigns. Do not choose too general keywords. The more specific keyword phrase is, for example, the intention to buy, the greater the likelihood of purchase. Sometimes, a contextual advertising campaigns on a large number of accurate low-frequency queries can be more effective than contextual advertising for the launch of the common language of key words.

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Do not use too many key phrases, you need to check and split them into groups. You need to always monitor CTR and conversion of keyword campaigns and to make amendments in the form of adding or deleting the key phrases.

5. Write a text ad – As in traditional advertising, it must be remembered that the contextual ad to reflect the characteristics of the goods sold or provided services to stand out among competitors.

Do not forget that the audience of different advertising sites is significantly different from each other and for each category of users need to make a separate announcement. Constant experimentation, change existing ads – key to the effectiveness of contextual advertising campaigns.

6. Monitor indicators of advertising campaign for further improvements – No advertising campaign is not perfect from the start.

It is necessary to analyze the indicators of the campaign to change the ad text, a set of keywords, target setting and review the effectiveness of the changes. Get perfect results from contextual advertising – this is a very labor-intensive process that requires expertise and patience.