How Much Will Search Engine Optimizing Cost?

Whether you are starting a search engine optimization company or own a business and want to do seo on your company website, you may be wondering how much seo will cost you. There are several main costs that you will have to consider when practicing search engine optimization.

If you are just now setting up your website, you will need to purchase a domain name for it. Most domain names are around ten dollars. However, if you are really picky about your domain name it could cost a lot more depending if someone already has that domain name or other variables.

There are several sites that you can buy a domain name. A popular one that I would suggest you trying is

You will also have to pay for web hosting. However, that shouldn’t cost more than fifteen dollars a month. And of course you will have to pay for the internet connection itself, which is about twenty dollars a month.

Also if you don’t know how to create a website you will most likely need to hire a web developer. This cost will range depending on the level of expertise your developer has.

Search engine optimization costs are seen as lower than advertising costs. The benefit of paying for advertisements is instant gratification. The search engine optimization work done on your website may take a few months for it to affect your rank.

This is because it takes the search engine crawlers time to get to your website. However, the benefit of ranking higher due to well done search engine optimization outlasts the benefit of advertisements.

One cost of doing search engine optimization may be for the tools you use. While there are some free keyword research tools, the higher quality tools have a fee. Some offer free trials, so I would recommend trying them out before committing to a specific tool.

Some keyword research tools can cost up to $100 per month. However, I have found some for less if subscribed to on a yearly basis. You will simply need to do some research on which tool will work best for your company. Another cost of seo that can accumulate is the cost of purchasing inbound links.

This cost varies depending on which site you are trying to get an inbound link. If you have a very low budget, I would maybe recommend not paying more than a few dollars per inbound link.

While search engine optimization benefits take longer, they definitely are more cost efficient and worth the wait!