Tips in Properly Submitting Your Business Website to Business Directories

directory submission
Lots of SEO and digital marketing practitioners believe that directory submission is not as powerful as before nowadays.

Somehow this is true especially if you are going to send your site to spammy directories.

The question is, how can we determine if a business directory website is low quality? If it’s riddled with websites from all over the world, then leave it.

One indication of a good quality directory website if it is catering for local businesses, or if the site is listed in top 10 to 20 by reputable blogs.

Another question is, if directories now have lost its power, how is this going to help a business when it comes to digital exposure and brand building?

Local directories are still valuable when it comes to localized digital marketing. It helps you get your website to the audience near you with little to no cost.

But even if you submit your site to a good quality directory website, if you don’t know the best practices when it comes to directory submission, the free links and traffic will come into waste.

This is why I am writing this article to help you get started with the proper way of submitting your business website to online business listings.

So without further ado, here are my tips on how you can maximize the benefit of directory submission.

Be local

One of the best ways to start with is to look for business listing websites that focuses in your country of origin.

For sure there are hundreds maybe thousands of business listing websites in your country that allows submission of local businesses. Look for those websites and list them.

If you are an SEO practitioner, segment them by traffic and domain authority so that you may know what to prioritize.

Make sure that the website allows you to put valuable information like local address, telephone numbers, email, and fax.

If you don’t know where to start, you can turn your attention to the top local submission sites like these ones.

Use unique title and description for each submission

Google hates duplicate content. Period.

So make sure to have unique sets of titles and descriptions for every submission. I know it’s an annoying and tedious work but it will ensure the quality of your submission.

Plus it will give you opportunities to target different keywords by using unique title and descriptions.

To save time, list down all your titles and their corresponding descriptions so that whenever you submit it, you just need to copy and paste them to the form.

Use your company email

Some directory submission websites require verification from the owner before publishing a company profile. And you will need an email for it.

Most of the time webmasters tend to decline submissions using a generic email.

Using a company email will give you a better chance of getting your company listed.

Use high quality store front and product images

Business directory websites that allow submission of images offer a lot of benefits for approved submissions. It’s like a directory and classified ads.

Take advantage of it by using high quality images of your store front and your products. This will entice a lot of clicks and possibly business inquiries.

Some websites allow a limited number of images while there are some that allows unlimited number of images to submit. Make sure to prepare lots of pictures.

It also helps the users verify that you are running a legit business.

Make sure to put accurate business address

Business address plays a big role in local search engine optimization.

It helps your site rank for searches within the vicinity of you local store. It can also help Google Maps in locating the specific location of your business.

As for users, it will be easier for them to go to your store if you use accurate and detailed business address.

Correct contact numbers formatting

Do not forget to include your area code when putting your business contact numbers.

This is to get rid of any hassles for your customers when getting in touch with you.