Why Businesses in Malaysia Should Invest More on Digital Marketing

Malaysia is one of the most progressive countries in South East Asia when it comes to digital transformation. The digital space in the country has seen the most dramatic change in the last years and that can be attributed to the rise of ecommerce websites.

Young generations of Malaysians are starting to invest in the start-up scene and that poses a threat to businesses who are not investing in digital marketing.

On this article, we will be discussing how businesses should embrace the emerging technologies especially in the internet.

Internet is simply the future

According to the latest data, Malaysian internet users reached a staggering number of 21 million in 2016. That’s an increase of 2.2% compare to 2015.

That’s the total number of internet users who can access the internet at home, via any device type and connection.

And it’s still expected to grow as the Malaysian population grows over the next years. That’s more than enough reason to start investing in digital marketing.

Start-up competitors are gaining grounds

Malaysian ecommerce industry is one of the strongest in SEA region as more and more young entrepreneurs are starting their online businesses in Malaysia via ecommerce store, selling goods and services over the internet.

Another factor is that local start-ups starting to build their brands by promoting them online – Social media, SEO, email marketing, and other digital channels.

Malaysians are more likely to purchase online than going to the store

Online shopping websites like Lazada and Best Buy offer free delivery when you made an order. Nowadays, the most common items are gadgets and non-consumable stuffs that are being sold.

However, it is expected that even grocery goods will be ordered online and shipped right into your door. And businesses that take advantage of it will always come up as winners.

Malaysian mobile users are booming

We, Malaysians love to use mobile when browsing the internet.

Data from Statista.com suggests that in 2017, there will be an expected 17.8 million mobile users in Malaysia. That’s more than 60% of the total number of internet users in the country.

And that 17 million is expected to browse the internet through their mobile devices for different intents – including shopping and looking for services.

So if you are planning to launch a start-up business in Malaysia, make sure to have a website that will cater to the mobile internet users.

It’s easier to measure the success of your business

Engaging in digital marketing for your business not only gives you the advantage over your competitors, but it also makes it easier for you to measure your business’ success.

Free tools like Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools are more than enough for you to gauge your target audience. And most of online businesses in the country are using these tools.

This way, you will know what kind of strategy you should use and where to find your target audience.